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-Special Characters-

#1 dimensions
#1 Genoa Measurements
#6490 re tanzer 26 table
$20 whisker pole
"ancient instruments"
"Brave + Crazy" website back online
"Bulb" on centerboard
"Bulb" on tip of the centreboard, Genoas & Spinnaker poles.
"Bulb" on tip of the centreboard
"gin poles"
"me too" newbie
"Other Fleets"
"Profits Bulk Head"
"Prophet" modification
"the leaner"
"This side up" pictures
'glassing tip
'glassing tip
(2) T22 project boats for sale

-0 to 9-

1 day in the water and I find a small leak around the seacock
1 question and opinions
1.5" Speedometer paddlewheel
1/4 Ton vs. T-22
10.5 Pilothouse Wanted
1000 Islands
109 Days to Splashdown - and volvo MB tune up Q's
11 ft. Boston Whaler for sale
12" NACA foil rudder profile
12v batteries, inverters, and microwaves
14 backstay, sails
155% genoa wanted, Half Model Drawings, Plugs
155% genoa wanted
160% genoa for T7.5
1779 T-26 for sale, $8000 US, and worth it
1972 T22 for sale
1974 - 22' Tanzer
1975 Tanzer 22 #857 "Henri-Louis" for sale
1977 Tanzer 7.5 for sale
1981 fin keel tanzer
1981 Tanzer 22
1981 Tanzer 26 for sale on E-Bay
1982 T-27 For Sale in NY
1984 Tanzer 27 For Sale
1985 T7.5 for sale
1986 Honda 9.9hp for sale (Toronto Area)
1988 Tanzer 29?
1st sail
1st. boat Tanzer 7.5
2 burner alcohol stove - correction
2 HP motor
2 vs 4 Stroke
2002 Canadian Championship Final Results
2002 Canadian Championship Results (3 of 4 Regattas).xls
2002 Class Association Members list update
2003 Fall Regatta Results
20pt light?
22 parts
22s on ebay
25’ Tanzer 7.5m 1981 For Sale
26 and 7.5
28 for sale
28 in NC
2hp motor
2nd Anchor
3 days in the water and I fxed the small leak around the seacock
3 Dog Night? Really?
30Kt current
3M 5200 Sealants
3M 5200
3rd annual Mid-Atlantic Tanzer Dinner
4 degrees (was re: Cradle Stability)
4 stroke mounts -Fulton-2 models
4- Stroke O/B Motor Brackets
44 feet Tanzer
5 - The Shards ocean
5200 vs Lifecaulk
6 HP Nissan Prop swap - re: thanks ver much
7.5 adjustable backstay
7.5 at Selma Park (Sechelt)?
7.5 for Sale. Cheap
7.5 For sale
7.5 For Sale
7.5 Halyards -- How long?
7.5 halyards to cockpit
7.5 Head
7.5 Headsail Wanted
7.5 leeway vs CB 22
7.5 mainsheet configuration
7.5 rating
7.5 repairs
7.5 Sail Cover
7.5 Sails
7.5 Shoal Keel Trailer
7.5 spinnaker pole
7.5 toilet
7.5 vs 26 speed
7.5 vs 8.5
7.5 vs. 8.5
8 knots
8.5 vs 28
81 Tanzer 26 For Sale
9.9 Honda on T22.
9.9 Speeds, light O/B
900 Lbs tension on the stays!
? re CDI RF
???Using o-rings instead or inconjuction with caulk????
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A (temporary?) goodbye
a bit high?
A central Tanzer Web Site
A couple of questions
a couple of stupid questions about OMC Saildrives...
A different Ka-boom
A few good questions
A few new photos
A few Questions about my new boat...
A foresail dilemma
A new outboard answer
A new outboard question
A nice day of sailing, but haul out fast approaching...
A PS for Owen
A question about a product called POR 15
A small request
A T22 regatta in Kingston
A tail of two rudders.
A Tanzer 14 for sale.
A tiller-tamer and balance
A trailer question
A vendre TANZER 7.5 For sale
A Yankee Challenge
A Yankee challenge
Ablative Bottom Paint Experience?
Ablative paint
ablative paint
About our Tanzer
About Pictures
About short traveller
About to plunge
about to wring my gooseneck....
AC and diesel
AC Location
AC Race #5
AC Race Today - Thursday
AC Update
AC Updates
Acces to the owners database
Access doors
access to photo files
accessing T22 #2104 website
accessing T22 #2104 website
Active Pass/west coast get-together
Activities in Gibson's Area
Add me too!
Adding a new window, need used racing rudder and sails
adding Boom Vang
Adding Reef lines to the Mainsail
Adding rode
Adding Shower
Additional Info: The Key to T7.5 Anchoring Happiness
additional markets too sell its
Additional Rudder Construction
Address and news
address change, just erase, sorry all
Address for WesT Marine
Adjustable backstay
Adjustable backstays
Adjustable gooseneck on a T7.5
Adjustable gooseneck on a T7.5
Adjusting Backstays
Adjusting stay tension WAS: NEED INFO ON 7.5
Adjusting/re-stuffing packing gland
adventure, wenches and winches
Advice for BBQ's
Advice for winter
Advice on dockside storm preps
Advice On Handrails & Screwcaps
Advice on selling sails if new furling sail is ordered..
Aftermath of Hurricane Juan
AGM/Information/Feedback Site is now running
AH800 Parts
aids to navigation
Air Show
Alaska Tanzer Sailors?
Alcohol 2 burner gimballed stove on T25
alcohol in a naptha stove?
Alcohol Stove Help
Alcohol stove
Alcohol Stoves
All around mast head light
all rope halyards
All Rope Halyards?
All Wet!!!!!
Allergy to 7.5
Almatic stove
Almatic stove
Almost wet!
Also Tanzer 22 newletters, brochure offered on Ebay Item# 4511182370
Aluminium Goosneck track?
Aluminum and SS
Aluminum Centerboard
Aluminum tiller mount grinding away at fiberglass
Alumninum Centerboard
America's cup dates
America's Cup Viewing
Americas Cup
An interesting Tanzer22 www Page
An interesting Tanzer22 www Page
Anchor Chain Photos
Anchor light
Anchor line
anchor locker
Anchor Rode Bitter End
Anchor Roller on a 7.5
Anchor solutions
Anchor storage and bow roller suggestions?
Anchor storage on T7.5
Anchor well cover ideas/Autohelm
Anchor well cover ideas
Anchor well cover
anchor well
Anchoring ...
Anchoring practices
Ancient Instrument questions
Ancor light
Ancorages - the good, the bad, the ugly
Anna Livia in Cuba?
Annapolis Fall Regatta
Annapolis North Americans
Annual Fall Regatta in Annapolis
annual plea-replies
annual plea
Annual Plea
annual plea
Annual plea
Annual Plea
Annual Trenton Tanzer Regatta 2004
Another 28 for sail -- in Baltimore
another boat
another cheap whisker pole
Another classic launch day
Another coupla questions
Another Mast Top Light Question
Another New (sort of) and definately Proud Tanzer 7.5 Owner
Another New Tanzer 22 Owner
another new Tanzer owner
Another one byte the dust ....
Another one one buys a boat
Another plea about "quoting"
another rudder question
Another Tanzer 22 Story
Another Tanzer in our Marina
Antenna cable through deck connector
Anti fouling paint remover!
Anti fouling paint
Anti fouling paint
Anti-fouling Paint
Anti-lock brakes--T22 racing--
Antifreeze warning & Scum cleaner...
Any info/experiences with T22 hull buttom repairs?
Any Lake Champlain Sailors out there?
Any one ever use IPE Lumber
Any sailors available in PEI?
Any T 10.5 owners out there?
Any Tanzer 26's For Sale?
Any US list member willing to be a mail drop?
Anybody know Baltimore, MD
Anybody sail on the Delaware?
Anyone else not receiving messages?
Anyone ever capsize a T22?
Anyone ever replace their original traveller track? What did you use?
Anyone have the interior measurements of the cockpit on the 22?
Anyone know a competent back yard boat guy in Southern Ontario?
Anyone like to charter for the NAs?
anyone make a double berth in the main cabin? Rake?
Anyone used plasTEAK?
Apparent wind gauge
Around Alone start in Newport, Rhode Island
Asian Carp Barrier Funding
Asking for Feedback on new T22 rudder
association and gen. information
Association Membership
Asymmetric pointing
Asymmetrical Spinnaker
Atlanta Sailors and Birds
Atlantic City Sail Expo?
Atlantic City
Atlantic City
Atlantic Sail Expo
attach extra rode?
Attaching centerboard pennant
Attaching stuff to boom
Atten: Ted re: heater
Attn: T22 racers in northern NJ/New York Harbor
Auto bilge pump
Auto Helm
auto pilot
Auto reply blues!
Auto Tiller
Auto tillers
Auto-Inflate PFDs
Autohelm 1000
Autohelm AH800 troubles
Autohelm Bi-Data ST 30
Autohelm question
Autohelm ST1000 ????
Autohelm ST1000 ????
Autohelm ST1000 Plus Tiller Autopilot w/Free Remote
Autohelm ST1000 S-Turns
Autohelm ST1000
AutohelmST1000 backordered
autopilot choice for T-22
AVIS de recherche: s'il vous plait, regardez la photo et transmettez à d'autres
Awesome first-sail from Annapolis!
awkward reefing
Ayone know anyone who would like to bring a boat from Lake Eie to Lake St. Clair?
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B & B in Crisfield?
Back in the saddle again
Back to sailing/haulout
back to topping lifts
backing plate
Backstay - Repreive / Oasis?
Ball Valves
Baltimore and area Annual Tanzer Social - Dec 27th
Barlow 16 winches
Barlow winch parts
barlow winches
barnacles and glue residue
Barrier coat?
Batten Width
Battery life
battery life
battery location
battery power
Bayfield Ontario Boats
BBQforce 10 warning
BC charter cruise suggestions?
Beaconsfield Open Regatta - August 10 & 11
Beaufort, SC
beautiful writing
Beerfort scale OT
Bending hand rails
Benefits of Loose Foot
Bent Chainplate
Bent Chainplates are BAD! re: Raising and lowering mast.
Best Head to Buy descision
Best Head to buy?
Best Heeling Angle
Best Wishes for the sailing year
Best Wishes
Bests day of the season
Beware of Boat Advertising Scam
Big Blow In Toronto!
Big wave, big wind technique, formerly Wave Heights &Websites
big winds
Biggest rules in sailing--
Biggest Tanzer that can be trailed
Bildge Outlet
bildge pump intake
bilge mysteries
Bilge Pump & Depth Finder
Bilge Pump and Depth Finder
Bilge Pump Circuit
Bilge pump
Bilge Pump
Bilge pump
Bilge Pump
Bilge Pumps & Hurricanes
Bilge Pumps and other question....
Bilge pumps
Bilge pumps
Bilge pumps
bilge pumps
bilge water
Bilge Water
Bimini cost
Bimini Top
bin laden
BINGO- Bowditch Practical Navigator (online)
Bitter end of the anchor rode
Blabby Newby now has a Tanzer 22
Blabby Newby!
Black Stripe on Mast
Bleach, tank water, sulfite, etc
block attachment at mast base
blow out of a day - need new T26 main
blown main
Blue water leaking
Bluewater tanzers
board overboard
Boat = Beer?
boat color
Boat Cover--T16
boat enclosures
Boat for sale
Boat for Sale
Boat heel-list
Boat Heel
boat insurance...
Boat Insurance
Boat Insurance
boat insurance
Boat Insurance
Boat name
Boat Names
Boat Owners Password etc.
Boat plans (tender)+Lewmar stuff
boat re-renaming...
Boat seller's beware.
Boat Sharing
boat show and covering
boat show toronto
Boat Trasport
Boat use.
Boat Works Magazine
Boating courses
Boats and owners
Boats for sale on university fundraising site....
Boats Out!!!
Bomar Gasket # for hatch
Bomar hatch cover parts
Bomar Parts
bonding to cast iron keel
Books about Tanzers?
Boom Attachments
Boom height attachment on T22
boom height?
boom roller furling
boom vang kit and mainsail cunningham
Border Collie
Borrowed Ideas for Mast Up/Down
Bottom Job 1
bottom job questions
bottom lwork
Bottom Paint - metal primer for keel
bottom paint and washing boat
bottom paint and winches
bottom paint on keel v. hull
Bottom Paint Questions
bottom paint removal
Bottom paint scraper
bottom paint
bottom paint
Bottom paint
Bottom Painting up to water line.
Bottom painting
Bottom Painting
Bottom Work
Bottom work
bottomsider cushions
Bought roller furler and need info on headsail conversion/replacement
Bounce Mail by GoNext WEBMAIL
Bow Eye
Bow Eye
bow eye?
Bow hardware fittings
Bow pulpit leak
Bow pulpit repair
Bow Pulpit
bow rail replacement
bow rail replacement
bow roller on T26??
Bow storage T-22
Bow Thruster
Bowditch Practical Navigator (online)
Brave + Crazy rigging upgrades
Brave and Crazy upgrades
Brave and Crazy website URL?
Breaking Strain of Knots/Line
breaking strength and knots
Bridge Race
Bridles and lugs
Bridles and Ralph Stocek
bring power onboard
British Seagull Diagram?
Broad Reach or Dead Run
Broke my rudder ! parts
Broke my rudder! Parts?
Broke my rudder! Parts?
Broken spreader
Broken spreader
Broken stay
Broken Toggle Switches
Bronte area help?
Bronte Rocks
Brydon Boy head is dead
Brydon head
Bucc18] Sad News - Peter Blake Killed
Bug bear worm
Bug screens and netting.
Bug Screens
Bugs on the Ottawa River
Building A Rudder
Building trailer
bulb on c/b
Bulkhead gave way in hi Winds - How about...
Bulkhead gave way in hi Winds
Bulkhead modifications, integrity
Bulkhead Replacement
Bulkhead update
bulkheads and chainplates
bulletin board
buoyancy tanks
Buying 7.5 and Self Tacking Jib
Buying a 1974 22' Tanzer
Buying a 7.5 -- and I have a few questions
Buying a 7.5 with moisture issue
Buying a Tanzer 26
Buying new Tanzer 26 sails
Buying Used Sails
BYC OPEN Results
Bye Bye
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C&C 27
C/B de-rusting
C/B pennent installation
Cabin ceiling
Cabin Floor
cabin floor
Cabin Heaters
cabin heaters
cabin pictures
Cabin ventilation for T26
Cabin ventilation
Cabin ventilation
Cabin ventilation
Cabin windows - Fixed ports repairs
Cabin Windows
Call 911
Calling all Tanzers (22's)
Cam Cleats Behind Genny Winch
Cam Cleats for Genoa Sheets
Camden ME sailing
Can a keel be rusted beyond repair?
Can a Tanzer 22 be single-handed?
Can anyone tell me what head sails I have?
can be used as
Can I add a new window?
Can I use Acetone to Clean tough stains on the hull?
Can the mast support my weight?
Can the wall separating the V Berth from the locker and head area be removed? Used sail
can there be too much tanzer mail?
can we rely on G.P.S.signal
Can you ID this Boat?
Canadian conformity plates
Canadian Tire Anchor line
Canadian/ Atlantic Championship
CanadianSailing] New file uploaded to CanadianSailing
Canal Lachine
Cancel rumours of spring
Cap Ben compass
Capacity plate location on T-26
capsize a T22? close but no cigar.
carbide scrapers...
Catching wind
Caulking a thru-hull
Caulks and Hurricanes
cause the stern to dip
cb crank & maiden voyage
CDI Flexible Furling: Trouble fully depoying genoa
CDI Furler measurement
CDI Furler on T22
CDI Furler
CDI furling
CDI props
CDI Reefer II
CDN Tire Stuff
CDN Tire Stuff
Cdn. Champ. Results as of 2 Regattas
Ceativity in this list grows!
center board cable
center board crank
Center board winch handle
Center board winch handle
Center Board
Center Board
center board
Center of gravity?
Center-Boards: Up or Down (PHRF vs. OD)
Center-Boards: Up or Down
Centerboard looseness.
Centerboard Mold
Centerboard Pennant
centerboard problem
Centerboard Problems
Centerboard repair
Centerboard Repair
Centerboard Repair
Centerboard update
Centerboard Woes
Centerboards fused to keel by corrosion.
Centerboards VS Fin keel
Central Canada 2003 One Design Regattas
Cetol versus Goldspar
CFB Trenton Yacht Club Access
chain plate dimensions
chain plate removal problem...
Chainplate caulking
Chainplate Caulking
chainplate holes elongated
Chainplates and cockpit drains
Chainplates and spreader repairs
change of address
change of address
Change of e-mail address
Changes to the boat lift.
Changes to Yahoo Marketing.
Changing engines
changing engines
Changing fin keel to keel/cb
Changing from a "soft" anti-fouling paint to a "hard" coat
Changing Keels
Changing motor
Changing the name??
Channel lock for ports
Charlotte Harbor Fl
Charlotte Harbor, Fla
Chat sessions anyone?
Chaulk bedding, unbedding, rebedding
Cheap Genoa if anyone is interested
cheap rudder "fix"
CHEAP! VC-17m!
Cheapest GPS out there for boating?
Check out a Tanzer 26 website
Check out BottomSiders cockpit cushions for powerboats and sailboats
Check out Harken Manuals: Travelers
Check out The Tanzer 16 Page
Check out The Tanzer 16 Page
Check out West Marine: West Marine Online
Check out Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor, Inc. (Oriental, NC)
Check this out
Check your bulkheads for rot
Checklist for haulout
Chemicals are not "relatively harmless"!
Chesapeak Bay T-28 Bottom Paint?
Chesapeake Bay / Delaware Valley Area Tanzer Party Thursday Dec 30
Chesapeake Bay collision
Chesapeake Bay Summer Inquiry
Chesapeake Bay T22 Eastern US Rendezvous 2000
Chesapeake bay
Chesapeake Cruising Guides
Chesapeake Fall Regatta
Chesapeake Rendezvous
Chesapeake Sailing School
Chicago Boat Show, con't
Chicago Boat show,autohelms
Chicago Boat Show
Chicago to Mackinac 2003
choosing a radio
Cinkel steering
Circuit Breakers
Class Ass. Event Report
Class Association Members Wanted
Class rules on sails - Part 2.
Class rules
Class site & T-22 #1
Class Website
Clean Lines
Cleaning the Mainsheet
clever idea Charlie...
Clevis pin diameter?
Clevis Pin Size...etc.
click unwrap lines to more easily read my questions post
Climbing the mast
Climbing the mast
Clock (was re: window frames)
Close call
Close-hauled with a roller furling Genoa
Coastal Navigation Course
Coaxial wire for VHF question
cockpit drain repair
cockpit drain sizes
Cockpit drain sizes
Cockpit Drain
Cockpit Drains - Tell me it isn't so. . .
Cockpit drains again (sorry)
cockpit drains
Cockpit Floor Size
Cockpit Guardrails
Cockpit Locker Cover for T26
Cockpit locker hatch odd styled gasket still available then?
Cockpit locker hatch odd styled gasket
Cockpit locker hatches mold
Cockpit locker hatches
Cockpit lockers, lock hasp
Cockpit lockers
Cockpit lockers?
Cockpit Photos
Cockpit Spring
cockpit water
COG for T22
Cold weather, workshop weather
Collapsible dinghy
Collision on the Bay
Columbia river
comfortable wind speed
Comments from Bill Gates
comments to my low budget singlehand mod ideas...
commissioning day 1...surpises and need help
companionway caulking
companionway cover repair
Companionway Hatch Cover
Companionway hatch repair
compass bent
compass error, Pt. 2
Compass liquid
Compass Oil
Compass Repair
Compass trouble
Compendium 2... great book!
Concerned w/Gas & Elect. in the same locker compartment?
Construction 1200
Construction 1200
Construction 1200
Contact information for Eric Spencer
Continue to follow 95 to US-3 near Lexington
Control lines on side ot T22
Convertible hood
Converting icebox space to cabinet
cooking fuels
Cool link
Cooler to fit under T22 cockpit
copper paint residue/removal
CORK '73
correction no subject tanzer22 centerboard removal
Correction on Full Batten and Slug Main?
Correction on mast lowering, the sheaves and a Cellphone Question
Corrections - T-22 Shroud Size
Corrosion Prevention
Could this be real?
Counter rotating winches
Counter Top Extension??
Cover Plates for Slot in Mast
CQR advice?
Cracked Drain, good life
Cracked Seats
cracking fiberglass!
cracks in gelcoat
Craddle for T26
cradle compatibility
Cradle for 22 wanted.
Cradle for 7.5
Cradle For Sale
Cradle pads
Cradle Rental ... anyone want to buy one ?
Cradle Rental
Cradle Stability
Cradle Stability
Crew overboard
crew overboard
Crewing question for Ottawa Sailors.
Crewman needed for Montreal Regatta on Sunday
Crib or braces for Doing the bottom
Crossed over to the other side.
Crossing from Canada to the US in a Tanzer
Crossing the Canada/US border by boat
Cruise to Port Dalhousie
Cruise to Port Delhousie
Cruising Spinnaker
CSS discounted course offerings Week of 8/16 - 23
Curious about ice boxes
Current topics
Curtain Hanger & rod
Cushion covers - cleaning
cushions cleaning foam
Cutting Holes
Cutting Sails?
Cyber sail
Cétol Hi Gloss
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D.C. trip results
daily mail
damage to rub rail
Danavigate 3200, 3900 and 1000 Wiring Diagram and Instructions
Data plate
Datamarine Meters SOS
Date of birth. Thanks
Date of birth
David Hebden email address
David Hebden email address??
David Hebden's e-mail address for modified rudder
Dead Calm
Dead compass
Dead head
Deal Island
December 12th Tanzer Get Together - Connecticut
December 30th
deck chalking
deck crazing
Deck delamination
deck epoxy injection?
deck finishes
Deck hardware and core
deck hatch
deck organizers
Deck repair around chainplate
Deck repair around chainplates
Deck repairs.
Deck Repairs
Deck top blocks
Deck-Hull leaks
delamination (lines to cockpit)
Deleted Email
Delivery Trip Story
DelMarVa circumnavigation
Denaming out of the water
Depth Computer
Depth finder advice
Depth Finder guage question...
Depth finder
Depth Finder
Depth sounder recommendations
Depth Sounder
depth sounder
Depth Sounder
depth sounders & speedometers
depth sounders
depth-finder advice
Depthsounder transducer positioning
Desperate for Tanzer 7.5 or T22 port window
Details Details
Details Details
Diameter of wire halyards.
Diaphragm Bilge pump Mounting
Did it again....
Diesel engine
diesel inboard
Difference between shoal keel and fin keel on 7.5?
Different starboard sheeting of genoa
digest version
Dinghy - Concept Boats - Concept 8?
Dinghy motor
dinghy on a T22?
Dingie details
Dings and Dents
dingy bumping
Dingy Dilema
Discount on new sails
Diver flag is a regulation - answer is defined re ALPHA flag!
Diver flag
DIY Boat Owner Magazine - Issue #4
DIY Stern Rail
Do I have to strip existing wax to apply other product? Help!
DO NOT open emails from MRice prior to Oct 19 - VIRUS ALERT
do not open this or any messages from me I have the bug
Do you know a Tanzer 26 for sale ?
Docking Made Easy!
Docking Singlehanded WAS: Bow Thruster
docking theories
Dodger and Bimini
dodger and bimini
Dodgers Done.
Does swing keel model tend to flip easier than fin keel?
Does the diver flag issue remain unresolved Province to Province?
does this help
Doh!! Halyard rope end lengths
don't try this at home...
Donate Sails
Donated boat sale
Dorade Boxes
DoryJoe and his tale of Woe
double berths
Double bunk
Double Posts
Double... or triple?
DOVE- Robin Lee Graham
Downhaul on Tanzer 26?
Downwind in light air
drain leaks
drain pipe repair
draining water tank
Drilling holes in the mast
drilling holes
drilling out for lightning wire?
drs wanted
Dry "V" berth ???
Dry boat
Drying out a wet hull
Duck tape and T28 mast dimension
dumb "head" question
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E Miail Change
Early Christmas
Early launch
Easy haulout
Easy Mainsail reducing + Maintenance
easy search
eBay Lido 14 auction?
EBAY T22, Mast , Bilge Pump, Potential Keel Problem...
Ebay T26? for sale $1750?
Economical whisker pole/Andrew Kurtz
Economical whisker pole/Andrew Kurtz
editing -correction
editing help in database
Edmonton sailors
Edson Wheel Conversion - Small Boat System
Effective products other than Acetone
egroup ads
Electric Bilge Pumps
Electric on boat
Electric Outboard.
electric outboards?
Electrical & Water Systems on T22
electrical book
Electrical Grounding, 101
Electrical Problem on a 7.5
Electrical Tips
Electrons and the like
Electrons and the like
email address
email list etiquette
End of season haul out...
Energy Audit and Batery Capacity
Energy Content of Stove Fuels...
Eng. compartment blower
Engine Mount
Engine Mystery
Engine Power
Engine Problems/UPDATE
Engine reverse
Engine Running Nicely!
Engine running smoothly enough to single-hand tonight!
Engine Service end of year
Engine/flywheel corrosion/UPDATE
Engine/flywheel corrosion
Engines - Part 2
Entheos is launched!!!
Epoxy - WHITE!!
Epoxy Mixin' Weather
Epoxy Mixin' Weather
Eric Spencer & the Centerboard
Eric Spencer contact information
Eric Spencer, where R U?
Eric Spencer
errors doing an archive search
Everything you didn't want to know about batteries!!!
Examples of improvements for an aging freind...
Exchange Rate
Exhaust on a T26
Expanding an Instrument Hole
Extra Forestay
eyestraps on pop-top?
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Fabric for the interior cushions
factory identification through MIC
Failure of cabin floor.
faint hope... but I'll ask anyway
faint hope
Fall Regatta registration reminder
fall sailing
Fall sailing
Farewell, Sparbug
Fastest method of changing headsails
Fastest Speed of Tanzer 22.
Feliz Ano Nuevo
fellow boatyard-mate
Fiberglass lifespan (was re: Deck repairs.)
Fiberglassing T7.5 rudder.
Fiberglassing the Bottom of the Deck
Fiberglassing the keel
Fiberglassing, anywhere
fibreglas questions
fibreglas questions
Fibreglass repairs
fiddle block and mainsheet cleating
fiddle block revisited
Fiddle Blocks
Fifty ways to please her--T22 racing--
figures for T22 manual; stuck centerboard
File space; old photos
Files section of the Website is full
Files to Share
filler for the section where the slugs insert
Filling Holes in Hull
filter: What type of boat
fin keel / shoal keel swap
Fin Keel Maintenance Question
Fin Keel vs. Centerboard
Final paint question - non skid
Finally Bought my dream T-7.5 #315
Finally have my web-page up
Finishing Wood Surfaces
First capsize of the season!
first day and a question
First race
First Sail of the Season !
First sail today!!
First Sail
First sign of spring
fish finder
fixing aluminum
Fixing Keel
Flag staff placement
flare guns on board
Flashing White Lights
Flat 4's...
Fleet #6 Championship
Fleet Numbers
Floatation revisited
Floor Mounted traveller. Keel finished
Florida Keys
Florida Members
Flotilla to the Maritimes 2003/2004
flyin the chute
Foam and Rudder
Folding dinghy
Folding propeller
Folding propeller
Foot of main sail
For Sale - 1981 Tanzer 22 - Ottawa, Ontario
For Sale again!
For sale T22
For sale Tanzer 22
For sale!
For Sale.. Tanzer 26
For Sale: Tanzer 26 on the Chesapeake
For Sale
For Tanzer Sailors in Barrie OOntario only
For the Techno Freaks
Force 10 BBQ
Forced to sell :(
Fore Stay
Forehatch Measurements
Forestay sag
Forestay spec's for T22
forestay tension
Forestay, backstay & shround tension
Fort Erie to ICW
Fort Erie to ICW???
forum surfing
forward hatch and stern ladder
forward hatch cover
Forward Hatch
forward hatch
forwarded message
forwarding replies
forwarding replies
Forwward hatch
Fouled knotmeter
Four blade props
Four blade props
fraying shroud/mast head sheaves/chain plates
Free at Last! (CB, that is...)
Free at Last! (CB, that is...)
Free Dodger for T22
Free Tanzer
Freeing a stuck centerboard on T22
Freeing rusted T22 swing keel c/b
Freewheeling propeller
French 28
French Accents on English Keyboards
fresh water pump info
Fresh Water Tank
Fresh Water Tank
Fresh water
Fresh/drinking water
Friday 13, Feb - High of zero C
Friendly Reminder
From outboards to storm sails
From Rik Hall regarding the sneaky virus alert
From Voiles Sud
Frozen Barlow 16
Frozen C/B Keel
frozen winch
frozen winch
Frozen winches
FS: 1976 Tanzer 22, $2300, Charleston,SC
FS: Genoa for Tanzer 7.5
FS: New Furling Genoa for the Tanzer 26
FS: Tanzer 26 Sailboat for Sale - Reduced Price
Fuel locker ventilation
fuel safety
Fuel Tank Ventalation
Fuel Tanks
Full Batten and Slug Main?
Full batten main & head foils
Full Length Battens in Main Sail
Full Sails
fully battened Mains
fulton motor mount
Fulton motor mounts
Fulton or Garelick?
fun race
fun time on my T
Fun with Epoxy
Funny :-)
Furler for T-22
Furler maintenance
Furler Question T-22
Furler recommendation
Furler System-- warning !!
furling line?
Furling mechanism
Further on my grounding wire for lightning!
Fuses and Such
FYI on bottoms, antifouling, etc. What do I do about tarps and further sailing?
FYI on Winches
FYI-GPS interference
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gamefisher motor
Garelick Mount and Four blade props
Garelick mount
garmin gps report - basic model worth the $99 bucks
garmin gps
Gary Jobson
Gas and Boats - Part 2
Gas and Boats
Gas fumes
Gas mileage for an 8hp outboard
gas odor removal
Gas odour
gas tank questions
gasoline clarification
Gasoline fumes
Gate Valve Replacement
Gate valves
Gel cell recharging
Gel Coat cracks on deck
Gel Coat Repair
Gel Coat Repairs
Gel Coat
gelcoat crack repairs
Gelcoat matching
Gelcoat or paint? !? How can I even the color out?
Gelcoat or paint? !? How can I even the color out?
gelcoat repair
Gelcoat Repair
Gelcoat Repairs
Gell coat color for
Gels and glass mat
Genniker for T7.5
Genoa #2 Sheet specs for a Tanzer 22
genoa and roller furling
genoa cam placment
genoa hardware
Genoa HELP!
genoa questions
genoa sheet blocks/cheek blocks
Genoa sheet strength
genoa sheets
Genoa sheets
genoa sheets
genoa sheets
genoa size
genoa track
Getting a Halyard Back Down
Getting hull panel shapes from software
Getting rid of ads
getting sticky repair tape glue off sail
Getting UN-grounded??
Gibb 7STA winches
Gibb winches
Gimbles and gimbals
Gin Poles...
Go fast on the new rudder
Goals and spam
going to weather help
gone by not forgoten
Gongs and Bells - port or starboard?
Good Bye to an Important Tanzer Supporter and Sailor
Good news
Good news
Good Old Boat articles
Good Old Boat Tanzer 22 Articles
Good Resouce - Deep discharge batteries
Goodbye and Thanks
Google Keyhole
Goose neck
gooseneck and tack offset
gooseneck nut update...
Gooseneck Nut
gooseneck problem
Gooseneck Slides
got a new thinkpad at work...
Got it cheap.
Got the POINT
GPS and Fog
gps and fog
GPS and VHF Radio.
GPS and Your PC
GPS chart plotter depth sounder
GPS correction
GPS for speed
GPS moving compass
GPS recommendations
gps- do you need the software??
GPS: Garmin eTrex; Magellan Meridian
Grand Lake , Nova Scotia
Grand Lake, Nova Scotia
Great CD/Rom in Yachting World magazine
Great list - Evan greater people
Great sailing locale...
Great shot!
Great Weather Web Site
Greetings after 2+ years
Greetings all!
Greetings... Seagulls, etc.
Grey Window gaskets for Tanzer, CS, Grampian
Grounding electrical system
Group sail purchase (new T22 main)
Group Sail Purchase : Last Call !
group sail purchase
Group Sail Purchase
group sail purchase
group sail purchase
group sail purchase
Group Sails Purchase
group surveys
GTA - Planning on racing this season?
guest book
Gybing a spinnaker - singlehanded
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Halifax Tall Ship Festival
Halyard change
Halyard dilemma
Halyard lengths
Halyard replacem't
Halyard rope end lengths
Halyard tail length and T22 Owners' Manual
halyard winch
Halyards led aft to cockpit
Halyards led aft
Halyards of High Tech Lines
Hamilton Harbour or Lake Ontario?
Hamilton Recreational Boating Alliance
Hand Held GPS
Hand Held GPS
Hand Pump
Handheld GPS
handheld or hard wire VHS?
handheld radio
Handheld VHF/range
handicap for T 7.5
Happy ending's
happy holidays
Happy New Year
Hard dodger photos
Hard dodger
Hardware ???
hardware mounting question...
Harken B6s
Harken Furler
Hartford Conn area - any sailors there?
Has anyone capsized a T-26?
Hatch cover
Hatch Covers
hatch hardware
hatch hardware
Hatch leaks
hatch lens replacement
Hats & T-Shirts update
Hats and T-shirts
Hats, t-shirts, etc...
Haul out
haul out
haulout... and recharge
Have you purchased T22 Sails?
Hazards to navigation
Head games.....
Head on a T22
Head pump '81 Tanzer 26
Head pump lubrication
head pump question
Head replacement
Head Replacement
Head replacement
Headroom in Tanzer 7.5 or T-26
Heads up on Solar Chargers on Sale at CdnTire and Tanzer 27s.
heads up
headsail reefing
Headsail Size
Heave To -articles!
Heaving to and boat's heading
Heaving to with just the mainsail
heavy air and rudders
Heavy weather
Hebden Rudder
heel angle
heel vs. weight aloft
Hel with Deck Cleaning
Hello All...many questions
Hello all
Hello and Help re T28s
Hello up there!
Hello... Im back
Help - Need Cradle / Tripods for Tanzer 7.5
Help and the TCYC
Help needed from experienced owner of Tanzer 22...
Help Needed Please
Help on Yanmar engines
Help w/Garmin eTrex for racing
HelP with deck cleaning
Help with masthead!
help with potential problem w/T22 keel
help with T 26 main sail reefing
Help with what is not yet my 1st boat
Help! Do I have a problem?!
Help! I've fallen, and I can't get up!
help! missing mast hinge bolt..
help..we have sprung a leak!!
helpful sailing websites
Here's my serial number: what is my hull number?
Hey Geno,
Hey Waquoit.
Hi !! I'm a new 1974 Tanzer 28 owner
Hi I am new
Hi-tech rope
high moisture reading
High winds on Lake Ontario
high winds
hinges on the anchor locker
hinges on the locker
History lesson
History lesson
HOAX ! ! ! Please look at picture . . .
Hoew I did my rubrail
Holding tank hoses and connectors
Holding tank in 7.5
Holding tank on 7.5
Holding tank problem
holding tank question
Holding Tank Sourse
Holding Tank
holding tanks
Holding up the hatch on a T22
Holding up the hatch; Preventer
Holy sh**, 6 Tanzers for sale in Vancouver!!
Home (Pointe Claire YC)
Home Page
Homemade gimballed cookstove
Honda 100
Honda 5 HP Burning Oil
Honda 5HP
Honda 7.5 repair advice needed
Honda 7.5 Water Pump
Honda 8Hp for T7.5 - Long shaft v. Short shaft
Honda 9.9 Electrical output.
Honda 9.9 o/b, how many pulls is normal
Honda manual
Honda OBs, HP needed for hull speed and 2 strokes...
Honda Outboard Report
Honda recoil starter
Hood Spinnaker For Sale
Hooking up the Tunes
Hotel near Point Claire YC?
House Cleaning
Hove to - T-22
Hove to: How to
How big is your tarp?
How do I find a Pro Scraper?
How do I post photos?
how do ya...
How do you clean the white rubber around your Tanzer?
How hard of hit running aground should i be worried about?
How I repair TEAK
How many Tanzer sailors does it take...
How much paint to buy?
How much tension on the main sheet attach point?
How to Calculate the Angles between 3 coordinates
How to clean settee cushion covers
How to disasemble jib Furler for T26?
How to disasemble jib Furler for T26?
How to fit them both?
How to fly the burgee's
How to get a new Hatch lens and weather gasket for T7.5
How to ground?
how to improve pointing
How to lose in style.
how to reply
How to subscribe
How-To Pics: Hatch & Preventer
Hudson Annual Long Distane Race
Hudson Labour Day Regatta
hull cleaners
hull cleaning
hull discoloration
Hull Finish
Hull ID
Hull ID
Hull Lines
Hull maintenance .. when? and how?
Hull maintenance 101 please...
hull moisture reading
Hull Number
hull number
Hull polishing tips
hull preparation
Hull refinishing
Hull refinishing?
Hull speed calculation...
Hull Speed
Hull Speed
Hull speed
Hull Topside Painting
hull/deck joint and winches
Hull/Deck Joint Overlaid W/Fibreglass?
hull/deck joint under the rub-rail leaks?!
Huron Double Handed Challenge Tragedy
Hurricane Charlie update
Hurricane Juan pics
Hurricane Juan
Hurricane Juan
Hurricane madness...
Hurricane Manual
Hurricane, Anchor or Haul?
Hurrricane Juan
Hydraulic Assist Motor Mount
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I agree with Ralph about repairs
I cant remember
I finally found the bige leak!
I had an argument with a dock today...
I hate this weather! for a different reason
I hate this weather!
I made the deal
I need a replacement for a 73 Tanzer 28 Volvo Penta Gas Engine
I need a spinnaker, outboard, and traveller
I never thought it would happen to me!
I Nominate Bob Johnson.......
I only receive about 1/3 if the groups messages!
I sanded my Rub Rail!
I shall adopt my own flag then too!
I'm buying a T 7.5 - any advice?
I'm moving to N.C.!
I'm not a virgin anymore!
I, J, P, E dimensions
I-68 (was re: Modification to Name)
I-68 (was re: Modification to Name)
Ice Box for a T-22
Ice box for sale
Ice Box Replacement- With Drawers
ice box replacement
ice box \ cooler mods
Idea - Tanzer advice clinic?
Idea for a website
Idea for moving a tanzer 22
Ideas on how to attach safety netting for kids?!
Ieaking cabin top
Ignore the Virus Warning!!! It's a Hoax Virus!!!
Important Drug Recall from Mount Sinai Hospital !!
Important notify about your e-mail account.
Important Question from a prospective owner
Important Question From A prospective Owner
Important Question From A prospective Owner
Important Yahoo! Groups Service Changes
importing a boat and Sails
importing a boat to Canada from USA
Impressive service
In search of a Tanzer 22 centerboard with trailer
In Search of the Perfect Tanzer ...
in the water
In-Hull Transducer
In-Hull Transducer
inboard diesel
Inboard repair vs. buying outboard
Inboard Sail Track
Independent 20
Indian summer sail
Individual e-mails
Industrial Ball valves - Part 2
Industrial Ball valves
inflatable tender choices
Info about cradel and trailer ...
Info from Eric Spencer regarding inner liner and deck
Info needed
info shared
Info. re my boat...
Informal Racing in Toronto?
Information on Tanzer 14
informational web sites and gin poles
inner shell
Input NFS
inspecting tanzer 7.5 keel bolts...
installation of depth sounder?
Installing a toilet and holding tank in a Tanzer 7.5
Installing speakers in cockpit
Insurance - Skipper's Plan
insurance and surveys
Insurance Coverage
Insurance for T22
Insurance in Ontario
Interested in a Tanzer 26
Interesting Boat Repair/Modification Site
Interesting design similar to T22
Interesting item on eBay Canada web site item#2409976837: 1973 Tanzer 28...
Interesting item on eBay-AOL web site item#1840935887: Sailboat, Tanzer ...
interesting note
Interesting thread on Great Lakes sailing on CW/SW
interesting weather forecasting site
Interior Port PVC Ring
internal engine
Internal Halyards
Internet Service
Internet Service
Interprotect & VC17m
Intro & Spar Varnish
Introducing Tabasco
Irish sailors
Is a LOOS Guage necessary?
Is anyone out there
Is that you calling me
Is the list down?
is the list working?!?
Isabel at the Tidal Potomac
Isabel photos
Isabel's arrival
Island Girl
Island sails
It can happen
It's a boat!
Items for sale Toronto Area
Iternal halyards & materials
Iternal halyards
Its the Boat for Today!
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J/22 Photo... Wipeout
J24 genoa on T22?
Jacking a Keel/CB model off the trailer to work on the Keel
Jacklines on T26
jacques in Aylmer
jammed pull cord
jammed pull cord
Jamming Jib Hanks
Jealous of the obvious creativity in this list!
Jere Lull and others near Chestertown,MD
jib and reefing question
Jib downhaul/main downhaul
Jib Downhaul
Jib for 7.5 or 26
Jib Furling & Boom Vang
Jib sheet block
Jib sheets, halyards, etc.
Jib/genoa wire for T 7.5
Jibe Preventer pix NO GOOD
jibsheet fairlead position
Jiffy (slab) Reefing Point
Jiffy Reefing
jiffy reefing
john little
Johnson O/B- solved
Johnson O/B
Join group
Joining the ranks of Tanzer 22 owners
Joint between hull and deck
Just acquired a 1977 Tanzer 16 Overnighter
Just had to share this one...
just purchased a 2003 Honda 8hp
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Keel Bolts Glassed In
Keel bolts on my T26
keel bolts
keel bolts
Keel bolts
Keel bolts
Keel Bolts
Keel Botls 111 ft/lbs - Urban Legend???
keel bottom
Keel Center board
Keel Centerboard
keel damage?
Keel Flange
Keel in water over winter
Keel joint and keel paint
Keel Joint
Keel Modifications
Keel rears its ugly head again.
Keel removal
keel repairs
Keel restoration and POR15
Keel restoration sites...
Keel restoration sites...
keel restoration
Keel support
keel test boat
Keel Weight Support
Keel work T26
Keel-hull flange area question
keel-osmosis tanzer 29 #8
Keel/Hull joint on T22
Keel/hull joint
keel/hull joint
Keelbolt lugs - the design
Keelbolts - are they glassed into hull?
Keels #1 to 2400
Keels - the only way to do it.
Keeping an eye on summer home and dock by computer.
Keeping kids interested in sailing. Was: Sailing with babies
Keeping the jib wire halyard in control...
Keeping the slugs in the sail groove - neat trick
Kelowna Blossom Fleet
Kenichi Horie's Mermaid
Kick up rudder
Kids on board
Kids Sailing School looking for Tanzer sails
Kingston Regatta
Kingston, ON Tanzer 2003 Nationals
Kittiwake is a good name - for Birdwatching Sailors
knot meter and stay tension on the roller-furling
knot meter and stay tension on the roller-furling
Knot meter info required
Knot meter location
Knot meter problem
Knot meters
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L. I. Sound Tanzers
Labor Day Weekend
Labour Day Weekend?
Lack of rain & buoyancy
Lack of rain - data
Lack of rain
Lacquer thinner is more effective than acetone.
Lake Champlain question
Lake Erie
Lake Ontario Fleet
Lake Ontario Regatta 2002 (second annual)
Lake Ontario Regatta 2002 (second annual)
Lake Ontario Regatta
Lake Ontario Sailing / Furling systems
Lake Ontario Tanzer Regatta 2002 (second annual)
Lake Ontario Tanzer Regatta 2002 (second annual)
Laminated Charts
Laminating Charts
Land and Sea vehicle...lol
Large day.
Larry and Lin Parady- Miami Boat Show
Larry and Lin Parady- Miami Boat Show
Larry and Lin Parady- Miami Boat Show
Last Call for "That 70's Boat" T-shirts
Last line
Last Post - Good Trip!
Last Reminder! AGM and Montreal Fleet Mtg. Tomorrow
Launch Checklist...
Launch Day April 22
Launch day rituals
Launch Day!
Launch day
launched and motor question
Launching the Spinnaker from the cockpit.
Lawrence Miller
lawrence_sailor sent you this eBay item: 1973 Tazer 28' Sloop Sailboat (#4510700561)
lazy jacks
Lazy jacks
Le député ministre
Lead keel design
lead keel, chainplate fix
Lead Keels
lead substitute in old 2-stroke Mercury outboard?
Leak question
leaking hatches
Leaking in 7.5
leaking rub rail
Leaks in hull deak joint
Leaky deck hardware
Leaky Deck/Hull Joint
leaky fuel pump diaphragm
leaky keel
leaky keel?
Leaky Rub Rail - T22
Leaky Rubrails - An Unorthodox Method to Prove
Leaky Windows
Learning to race
LED lighting
LED Lights
Lee helm, more details
Lee Helm
Lee helm
Lee helm
Lee helm
Lend/Lease Trailer
Lenghty Cruising Tips
Length of motor
Length of Whisker Pole
Lengthy quotes
Let the fun begin
Lettering on sails
Lewmar 16 two speed winch top cap
Lewmar winches.
lexan vs. plexiglas
Lexan window molding
Licencing and registration
Life line replacement
lifeline question
Lifelines and stanchions
lift keel
Lifting Bridle: Attached to Keelbolts
Lifting Keel, Tanzer 10.5
Lifting plates now available
Lifting Straps
Light O/B choice
Light wind Genoa?
Lightning protection
Line adjustable genoa cars!
Line Clarification
lines aft
lines aft
Lines led aft to cockpit
Lines of Tanzers
Lines placement for pennants etc.
lines to cockpit
Link to t-22 pictures fixed
Local crew for NOD
Locating burgees
location and address of Eric Spencer and Yatching Services
Location for bilge pump on T22
Location for cabin heater, T28?
Locker and Hatch cover repairs
Locker Covers and Propane Storage
Locker hinge
Logging on...
Long windows, was re: T7.5 on ebay
looking for a pole
looking for a sail in the boston area
Looking for a sail
Looking for a T22 trailer in Northeast US
Looking for a T28 mast
Looking for a Tanzer 22
Looking for a Tanzer 28
looking for a Tanzer 29
Looking for a TON
Looking for a Trailer for T22
Looking for a transducer for S11 Signet knotmeter.
Looking for a used genoa
looking for boat
Looking for Genoa
looking for hull #733
Looking for mast tension parameter for the T26
looking for new or used rub rails for my tanzer 22 sailboat
Looking for some sailing
Looking for source for rudder pintles
Looking for Stern Pulpit for T22
looking for T22 #50
Looking for T22 Rudder
Looking for T22 traveller
Looking for T7.5 #217
Looking for Tanzer 28
looking for tanzer 29 for sale
looking for tanzer 29 for sale
Looking for through hull for T22
looking for used sails
Looking to buy a Tanzer 22
looking to buy a tanzer 28
looking to buy T22 c/b
looking to crew
Loos gauge price
Loos Gauge
loose foot-got it
Loose guage settings
Loose keel
loose lower shrouds?
loose spreaders
loosening an over-ride
Lor Lou hull number
Loran C
Loran v. GPS
Losing an anchor
lost addresses
Lost contact ... yes they are probably frozen.... Nexus System
Lost contact
Lost Halyard
Lost my T-7.5 Rudder during Frances - Plans available?
lost photo link
Louis Vuitton Cup Incidents
low rater (was: re: Reefing While Underway)
lower mast while boat in water
Lowering mast while boat is in water?
lowering mast
Lowering Tanzer 7.5 mast
lowering the motor all the way?
LP 150% Gennie
LRYC and man overboard
LST 325
Lubricatin for Arco 7 Winches
Lubricating mast
lubricating winches
Luff and Leach?
LUFF Distance for Furler
Luff Line?
Luff Line?
luff tension: WTB main halyard winch
Luff Tracks... and the proposed "experimental" class.
Luff Tracks... nice, but...
Lugs - some clarification.
Lugs for lifting by bridle
lWanted Used depth sounder
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M.Newell of Port Credit, Ontario
Mac Worm
Made error re: sail shackles
MAFOR worksheet
Magellan NAV 6500
Mailsail Clew Slug
Main & Rudder for sale
Main Duck
main halyard catching on spinnaker rings.....solution?
Main Halyard question
Main Halyard
Main Halyards
Main Reefing.
Main Sail Cover
Main sail design considerations
Main Sail for T22
Main Sail Markings on a T-22
Main sail
Main Sail
Main sail
Main Sail
Main Sail
Main Sheet Traveler
Main Tanzer 26
Maine (Camden) meeting ???
Maine get-together/July
Maine Tanzer Get-together ???
Mainsail & 'Helm'
Mainsail Cover for T22
Mainsail Cover Recommendation
Mainsail cover update
Mainsail cover
Mainsail cover
mainsail covers
Mainsail halyard as a loop in halyard recovery scheme..
Mainsail Headboard
Mainsail load; hatch seal
Mainsail problem
Mainsail reefing system, T28
mainsail rigging
Mainsail Size
Mainsail T-22
Mainsails T-22
mainsheet blocks
Mainsheet Blocks
Mainsheet blocks
Maintenance - Johnson 3hp Motor
Maintenance - Johnson 3hp Motor
maintenance question
Major Appologies ! ! !
Major water line crack's on T 7.5
Make that $6,900 for the Tanzer 26
Make-it-yourself awning T8.5
Making a new rudder
Making our way south
Making/modifying rudders
Manual for Tanzer 8.5/looking for drifter/spinnaker gear
Manufactured Year
many apologies!
Marina web sites
Marine Battery
Marine head
Marine head
marine head
Marine Head
Marine Mechanic
Marine Plywood
Marine plywood
Marine Surveyor
Mariner 8M 677
Mariner SR Knotmeter Question
Maryland Governor's Cup
Maryland Governor's Cup
Maryland marina suggestions
Maryland Tanzer 22's
Masking tape residue
mast and hull #s
mast base blocks
Mast Base
Mast gate or sail stop
Mast grounding for lightening
Mast Head Sheaves
mast head sheaves
Mast Light Part Number
Mast Light Part Number
Mast Light: Broken Deck Plug
Mast Light
Mast light
Mast light
Mast lowering idea
Mast Lowering T26
Mast Lowering with Shrouds attached - WARNING
mast lowering
mast markings
Mast noise
mast numbers
Mast outhaul
mast position - forestay
Mast Raising Again
Mast Raising
mast raising
Mast Rake and Weather Helm
Mast Rake on Tanzer 7.5
Mast Rake on Tanzer 7.5
Mast Rake, etc.
Mast Rake
mast rake
Mast Rasing
mast repair
mast replacement T28
Mast replacement
Mast Replacement
Mast Step
Mast Stepping
Mast Top Nav Lights
Mast Weight T26
Mast-track Lube
Masthead light electrical plug
Masthead Repair
Masthead Sheaves
masthead sheaves
Masthead Spinnaker Tang Question - T26
masthead tangs stays shrouds
Masthead thingee
Masts & Turnbuckles
Maximum genoa size ??
MB10A for a T28 for sale
MB10A range on 12 gallon tank?
MD boat list is posted
MD boat list
MD boaters - Dec 21st -Woody's?
MD boaters
md boaters
md boaters
MD-1 Parts Safari
measurement help
Membership & cradle
Merc 7.5 reverse lock
Merc Manual
mercury 5 hp?
Mercury Outboards reverse.
Merry Christmas
message in a bottle
Message search
Message Search
Message to Will Papke
Messy Job!
Metz VHF Antenna whip
Miami Boat Show Info
Miami Boat Show
Michal from Bronte
Michel's sail kits
Michel's sails
micro hatch cracks
Microbursts/Legal Rudders/Lifelines
Mid Atlantic (New Jersey?) Spring get together
Mid-winter Tanzer Meet
Midship mast support
Mild leak
Mildew in life jacket revisited
Mildew Removal
Mildew solutions
mildew solutions
Military operations effect on GPS...
Mini-Transat 6.50
Minimum wind/Maximum hull speed
Missing teak.
missing turnbuckle
Missing wind indicator
Mississauga CCRA office, and Provincial Taxes
mng's Christmas Newsletter.
MNG's Cockpit drains
Moby's Subject Index
Model year
Modification acceptable?
Modification for racers?
Modification of hatch cover on an old T'26
Modifications? I'm in!
Modified Bulkhead
Modified Rudder -Distinct Differences
Moisture control and shrink wrapping
Mold on life jackets
Monitoring the maritime HAM net
Montego 19
Montreal Fleet
Montreal Fleet
Montreal One Design Regatta White Sail & spinnaker - this w/e
montreal to ottawa
Mooring advice needed
mooring balls
Mooring in Tornto.
Mooring in Toronto.
Mooring Safety - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Study
mooring security in storm
Mooring/Licence Agreement
more 7.5 halyards to cockpit
more bottom paint questions
More details for the T-22 list for Chesapeake Bay
MORE engine problems
More Engine Problems
More Great Weather Web Sites
More help
more on aloft weight effects
More on Outboard brackets
More photos!
more pics of T28 #92
More progress & removing 4200
More questions on paint - Toplac
More Random Thoughts
More tailer questions - single axle ok?
More Tanzers for sale
More than you wanted to know about night sailing
More thoughts - Propane vs. Butane
More... Launch day rituals
Mostly Harmless
Motor Bracket Gets Stuck.
Motor Bracket Hazard
Motor Brackets
Motor height
motor lift
motor mount bracket
Motor Mount Install
Motor Mount Part 2
Motor mount problems
Motor Mount/Bulkhead and New Chainplate Photos
Motor Mount
motor mount
motor mount
Motor Mount
Motor mount
Motor Oil spilled in cockpit
Motu is for sale
Mounting Auto-pilot
Mounting questions
mounting solar panel
mounting solar pannel
mounting wenches
Mounting winches
Move up
Moving mast...on a car...
Moving on
Mowing boat on cradle
Mr. lull
Mr. Tanzer
My cousin Murphy
My First Pump Out
My grounding wire for lightning!
My Kingdom for T22 trailer measurements!
my mailbox
My move to Florida
My new sailboat
My new T22
my new tanzer page
My personal T22 centerboard experience
My Recent Postings
My Rubrail Saga
My thanks to all..
my updated Tanzer page
my updated Tanzer page
My Web site now ad free
mysterious brackets
Mysterious Water Leaks Continued
mystery equipment
mystery equipment
mystery parts
mystery solved
mystery tab
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N.Carolina bound - Weather on Coasts...
N.Carolina bound
NACA profiles and spin w/pole wanted
NACA rudder profiles questions
Name change.
Name change
name removal
Nautech Autohelm 1000
Nautical Charts software
Nautical Data International News
Nautical terms
Nautos Winch
Nav lights question
Nav Lights
Navico wind instrument
NAVICO wind instruments
Navy Sub sinks ship full of kids
NBQ # 4: Bilge Pump - Where is it?
NBQ #10: Where's the septic holding tank?
NBQ #11: CDI furling and a jib with hanks
NBQ #11: Connecting the battery
NBQ #7: Genoa has no UV Stripe
NBQ #9: Fine Tuning the Rigging
NBQ 4.5: Bilge Pump
NBQ#5 & 6: Rigging the Mainsheet Traveller & Boom Vang
need a 100% jib
Need a Tanzer 7.5 in Idaho?
Need electrical help! Please!
Need Electrical Help....Round 2 !
need help figuring out where leak is coming from....
Need opinions on the Tanzer, Yachting Net forum
need plains for sailboat trailer 26 tanzer please help !!!!!!!!!1
Need replacement winch help!
Need T 16 genoa, spin, sidestay, 2hp
need T22 used main
Need to borrow or rent a trailer
need used Honda 8
Need: T7.5 spinnaker, Have: teal sunbrella slip covers for 7.5 interior
Nepean One Design Crew
Nesting Dinghy?
new 8 Hp Honda
new address and weekend sail
New address.
new address
New boat -trailer
New Boat Buyer Behavior!
New Boat!!
New Boat
New Boats?
New boot stripes
New cabin sole pix in photo section
new chainplate finish question
New chainplates
New Contact info
New e-mail address
New E-mail address
New e-mail for Bob Murrell
new email address
new email address
new email/yahoo profile...(ex bulkleycorp)
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New file uploaded to tanzer
New files uploaded to tanzer
New Four Stroke for T26
New Frameless port windows leaking
New generation on to Tanzer
New glass ll
new group!
New Halyards
New Hardware Installation
new here
New inboard/sail-drive question
New Jersey & New York
New Jersey get together (was Transporting a T22)
New Jersey Tanzer 25 for sale
New Jersey Tanzer owners....
New Location for Tanzer Graphics
new member with a 7.5
New member with T26 - needs handrail
New member/owner
new member: lots of questions
New Member
New Member
New Member
New Member
New motor for T22.
new or used sails
New outboard motor for a T 7.5
new outboard propellor
New owner here..
New owner here..
New owner of a Tanzer 26
new owner questions
New Owner Tanzer 7.5, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario
new owner/new sailor
New owner
New owner
New pic on web site
New Poll - Where do you Sail?
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
New poll for tanzer
new prop and outboard size
New rudder - T22 & T28
New rudder / Tiller Question.
new rudder and finish
New Rudder Design for T 7.5, T-26
New Rudder Finishing
New rudder for T-22
New Rudder T7.5 - good experience
New rudder
New rudder
new rudder
New Rudder
new rudder
new rudder
new sail measurements
New Sails inexpensively
New Sails
New Sails
new sails
New style rudder
New style rudder
New Style Rudder?
New style T22 rudder
New subscriber
New T-28
New T25 Owner - Toronto Tanzer Night
New Tanzer 22 Rudder
New Tanzer 7.5 Owner
New Tanzer Owner
New Tanzer Owner
New Tanzer Owner
New Tanzer Race and Crusing Sails Manufacture in Canada
New Tanzer Sailboat Inventory on eGroups
New TANZER Web site
New Tanzer22 Owner
New Tanzer22 owner
New Tanzer
New to Us Tanzer 22
New Traveler rig for a 7.5
New URL for the Tanzer 26 website.
New webpage for Francisco, Tanzer 28, lots of pics
New Wiring
Newbie (NBQ) Update
Newbie Question (NB) #2: Licensing in Mississauga
Newbie Question (NB) #3: Raising the Mainsail!
Newbie with T26 questions - Cons
Newbie with T26 questions
Newbie-Question Flood Warning
Newcomer truly appreciates Tanzer talk.
Newer style T22 rudder
newest model
Newly Acquired
News Flash --- Tanzer 22 "Peace of Heaven" takes home the Gold in 40 mile Florida Mug Race
News Hoax works better than a virus
Nice T22 on Ebay...$500
Nice T22 on Ebay..Cheap!
Nissan prop
Nissan/tohatsu props
NO HOLES... Yet!
No mail
no posts
no problems with service
No Sail Blahs cont'd
No Sail
No Subject
No-Sail (Winter) Blahs!
NOD results???
North American Championships---Tanzer22 for sale Lake George
North Americans
North and Sobstad
North Carolina
North Dakota Sailing
North East gathering
North Sails Genoas
northern neighbors
Northern Ontario, James Bay
Northern Ontario, James Bay
not about boats
Not Tanzer related but...
not worried
Notice of Tanzer22 Class Assoc. General Meeting
Notice of the T22 AGM
Nova Scotia Yachting Association T22 Mention
November 1 Sail
Novice questions
Novice Seeks Electrical Advice
now onto motor mounts
Number Removal
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O. Box 2288 Boston,
O.T. - Why the result of Florida is obsolete ;-)
O/B motor mounting board
Oakville, HELP!!
OB pulling power
Oct 13 "Tanzer-up" in Rhode River, MD
Oct 13th weekend - Rhode River, Ches Bay
October Sailing
Odour Removal?
Off Center Backstay WAS: Swing Keel pros and cons
Off Subject Macgregor 26X
Off to Look at a Tanzer 22 with swing keel
Off Topic Question (House Foundation)
Off Topic Question (House Foundation)
off topic re: not about boats
Off topic, Atlantic Crossing
Off Topic-Macgregor 26x
Off Topic: Montreal trip
Off Topic
officially a Tanzer owner and instrument question
Offshore mods
Offshore Mods
Oh how we have grown
Oh no, more poetry?
Oh the joys of successful repairs
oil/gas mix
OK, here I go again.....
Old design ?
old fuel
old rudder weight
old rudder
old rudder
Old Sails??
old Tanzer ads
old thru hull removal
OMC 9.9 - Hard to start
OMC 9.9 outboard help neede
OMC Sail Drive 1980 T-26
OMC Saildrive - gas odour
OMC Saildrive to diezel
OMC Saildrive
OMC Saildrive
OMC Saildrive
OMC Saildrives
on buying a Tanzer22
On buying your T22
On the cradle
On to replacing your Tanzer 22 centerboard
On-board Stereo
One more question! re water holding tank!
one more test, sorry, had email issues
Online source for custom metal parts
Ontario Rendezvous - Competitor Information
Ontario Rendezvous Notice of Race
oodles of tanzer photos :-)
ooops - POLL part deux
ooops I meant VHF!
Oops - my apologies!!
oops.. dismasting
oops... MD boat list
Ooutboard for T22
Opened the boat today and found....... WATER!!!
Opening Ports for the T-28
Opening ports?
opening vent hatch
Opinion requested
Opinions for Schaefer Snapfurl for T 7.5.
Opinions on paint please
Opinions please - OMC Saildrive
Opinions Please - OMC Saildrive
Optimus Princess Stove parts, recondition, conversion
Options for replacing your Tanzer 22 centerboard
Organization of boat stuff!
Organizing Storage
Original T-22 winches
Original T22 manuals 1981
Origo alcohol stoves
Origo stoves
OT Fire
OT Rain
OT: Interesting story
OT? Dive flags
OT? re: Eric Spencer
other boats
Other boats
Other Boats?
Other equipment
ottawa area
Ottawa trip
Ottawa\Hull Region Tanzer Night
Our first boat..
Out of Office AutoReply: America's Cup
Out of the water and on the road
outboard advice requested
Outboard again
Outboard Bracket advice
Outboard bracket, how high above waterline
Outboard electric
outboard electric
outboard inspection question
Outboard lifting bracket
outboard motor bracket
outboard motor dolly
Outboard Motor Fuel
Outboard Motor Mount
Outboard motor question for a Tanzer 26
Outboard motor recommendations / Tohatsu brand
Outboard motor tilt...
Outboard motor tilt...A solution?
Outboard motor.
Outboard Motor
outboard motor
Outboard Motors Part X
Outboard Motors
Outboard on Auction
Outboard paint
outboard propellor
Outboard rcommendation
Outboard recommendations
Outboard Reverse
Outboard search
Outboard story and questions
Outboard trolley?
Outboard Up or Down?
outboard weight, etc
outboard, motor mount and weight
outboards 8hp Evinrude
outboards, fuel tanks and freezing temps
OutboardTrickle Charger
Outer banks sail
Outer Harbour Marina - Toronto
Outhaul tension
Over the Pond - The Armada of Small Boats, plus the last weekend.
over the pond with T22
Over the Pond
Owed to an outboard motor by Richard Kennish
Owner's Manual
Owners Manual
Owning a boat
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pad eye rivet question
Paint remover
Paint remover
Painting frames?
painting time - add on!
painting time
palanca reborn
Panache re-fit
Panache Refit Update
Panache refit update
Panache refit update
Parrel beads
Password & Sail Track Lubricant
Past Digests - Help! I have been sabotaged
Paul Nantel/Quebec/IBM est absent(e) du bureau.
Paul Nantel/Quebec/IBM est absent(e) du bureau.
Paul Nantel/Quebec/IBM est absent(e) du bureau.
Paul Nantel/Quebec/IBM est absent(e) du bureau.
Paul Nantel/Quebec/IBM est absent(e) du bureau.
PC Sailing Games, Sail For Sale.
PEI sailing ?
PEI sailing screen saver, Movie - Heist, and radial cut & exotic sails?
PEI sailing screen saver
Pendant tube replacement
Penticton to Grand Lake
Perfect Lake Ontario Evening
Performance comparison charts
Performance Rudder
Performance Stats for T22
permit or license in the us
Pets and Sailing
PFD bags
Photo ( Error Message)
Photo of "Ambitious"
Photo's and bottom update
Photos of Dodger
Photos of Dodger
Photos of galley mods posted
Photos of Night Sailing
Photos sent in.
Photos T8.5
PHRF Math: Tanzers vs J/24
PHRF rating based on distance only
PHRF rating
PHRF Rating
PHRF Ratings 2
PHRF-LO Ratings?
pics of my girl
Pics of the Tanzers at Woodies last Winter
Picture of a swing kell
Picture of motor bracket for Panda
Picture Uploads
Pictures from Halifax - Hurricane Juan
Pictures on Tanzer 22 web site
Pictures posted - Tanzer 25 Bottom job
Pictures, send them in!
Pilgramage to Mecca
pilot bunk
Pin to Pin Measurement
Pintle mounts
pipe wrap for drains--T22s
Plans to purchase Tanzer 26
Plastic wood deck material
please help identify T22 spinnaker
Please help
Please look at picture, then forward on The first one sent did not onclude the picture Sorry
Please look at picture, then forward on
please Take me off the Tanzer List
Please unsubscribe
Plexiglass part 2...
plum keels
Pointing to a win! and 3rd in the fleet #930
Points south, N.C.
Polar Diagrams for T-22
Polar Diagrams for T-22
Polar Diagrams for T-22
Polar Diagrams
poli glow
Polishing Advice
Polishing the Hull
Poll results for tanzer
Poll results for tanzer
Poll results for tanzer
Poll results for tanzer
Poll results for tanzer
Poll: New Tanzer Keel?
Poor Tanzer...
Poor Tanzer
Pop tops and stuff
POR 15 is great
por 15 metal coating
POR 15 Question/Knotmeter
POR 15 Question
POR 15 Question
POR 15 Question
POR 15
Por for keels
Port & windows
Port Dalhouise
Port Dalhousie?
port frame renewal
Port Gaskets for a T22
Port Inquiry
Port Maitland/Dunnville?
Port Repairs
Port Repairs
port size
Port window Gaskets -Now available, Ltd quantity
port windows&rub rail
Port-a-Potti installation.
Port-a-Potti installation.
Porta-Potti Pump Out Installation
Portable toilets
portapotty vs holding tank
portland area tanzers - weekend get together - summer 05?
portland area tanzers
portland summer get together
portlight on tanzer 26
Portlight restoration (no!!! not again!!)
ports and plugs
PORTS thread
Portsmouth Yardstick
Possible solution for a dirty job.
Possible Virus
Posted new pics of new floor design
posted photos
Powder coating mast
power boats
Powervent 3000 Security
Practial Sailor
Practical sailor artical
Practical Sailor Review of T22
Practical Sailor's T-22 update
Practical Sailor
pre launch clean
pre-season sailing refreasher.........
Pretty Serious Gelcoat Damage.
Previous spring refit
prime bulb location
Princess Alcohol Stove, Diesel Conversion
Princess stove conversion, alcohol to kerosene
Princess Stove
Princess Stove
Pro Scraper + water lines
Product reviews - Toplac, Release, and Interdeck
professional installations
Progress shots
Prop Guards
Prop Protector
Prop size
Propane Cooktop / tank location
Propane cylinder leak
Propane Explosion
Propane Storage Part 2
Propane vs. Butane vs. the Wife
Propeller Depth
propeller problems
Prophet's Bulkhead
Prospective New Owner - But I have af ew questions
Protecting Bright Work
Protests in club races
Proud new owner/ T22 1514
Proud new owner
Pt. Dalhousie Weekend
puddles in the cockpit
Pull start replacement cord
pulpit leaks
Purchase of Tanzer 26 #10
Purchasing new sails
Purple Ribbons
Putting holes in your boat - a link
Putting up sails wet - is this ok?
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Q: How to install a Sanipotti without sinking my boat?
Quebec Open 7 & 8 Sept 02
Question about my bulkhead
Question for British Columbia Tanzerites...
Question for Moby
question on forestay / self-furler
Questions about a Tanzer 22
Questions from a couple first timers:
questions: Bowmar part; Whisker Pole; sheet-to-tiller self steering
Quick note about the home of the class association
quick seacock question..
Quoting in replies
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R: the leaner
Race Notice.
Race notice
Racing (was Rudder Failure)
racing compass
Racing for the rest of us in Canada.
Racing in the Greater Toronto Area
racing instructions
racing knowledge & compass
Racing on Lake Simcoe
Racing question
Racing Rules Question - Using GPS
racing rules
Racing Sails
Racing suggestions
Racing T22 and Shark, was Small cruisers, was Knockdown?
Racing T26, was 155% genoa wanted
Racing tactics: legalities versus sportsmanship
Racing the 26
Racing, was Ultimate Hats
Racing: 2nd T22 Cdn. Championship Regatta
Racing: N.A. & Cdn. Championship
Racing: PHRF, Pursuit type; wasTanzer 26 rating
Racing: Regatta from Hell
Racing: T22 Cdn. Championship Round #1
Radar on 7.5?
Railing fittings (size does matter!)
Rainwater leaks into T22
Rainy Day Blues
raising / lowering mast
Raising and lowering mast of T-22
Raising and lowering mast.
Raising Centreboard while racing.
Random Thoughts
range of handheld vs. boat-mounted VHF radios
Rated Towing Capacity of Vehicules (for T22 Regattas)
raymarine depth transducer question
Raytheon ST-1000
RE' Rudder plans
Re-charging batteries from engine alternator output
Re-circ. Toilet Tanzer 22
Re-circ. Toilet
Re-drawing the waterline
re; saunshade
Re;Exhaust noise on OMC Saidrive in T26
re;two battery
Rebedding Chainplate Covers
rebedding teak and windows, bulkhead replacement, and CHEAP! VC-17m!
rebedding teak and windows
recommend a rigger?
recycled plastic
Red Bank Gathering -- Directions
Red Creek to Québec
Reef knot
Reefing horn
Reefing lines
Reefing mainsail
Reefing sails... a good plan on a windy day!
Reefing the Main
Reefing While Underway
reefing....thanks all for the messages....
Reepicheep hits a tree
Reepicheep Update
Reerfing the Genoa
Refinishing Brass
Refinishing Deck
Refinishing Hull
refitting a T22
Regarding the message search project...
Regattas 2003
Registration Form - Lake Ontario Tanzer Regatta 2002 (second annual)
Registration, etc. (yet another reply!)
Registration, Insurance & Taxes
Registration, Insurance & Taxes
regulations on waste water from the sink
relocating the water tank?
Reminder - First Lift
Reminder - First Lift
Reminder - Toronto Boat Show
Reminder - Toronto Boat Show
Reminder - Toronto Boat Show
Reminder - Toronto Tanzer Night
Reminder - Toronto Tanzer Night
Reminder: Tanzer 26 for $7,500 CDN
Reminder: Toronto Tanzer Night
Removal of ice box
removing a name without removing the gelcoat
Removing and re-installing the rub rail
Removing anti-fouling paint
Removing anti-fouling paint
removing bottom paint
removing fiberglass layer over keel bolts
Removing fresh water tank on Tanzer 7.5
Removing Handrails
Removing keel bolts
Removing plexiglass windows from frames
Removing plexiglass windows from frames
Removing the mast on my new T22
Removing VC17
Removing VC17
removing vinyl letters
Removing windows from frames - how?
Renaming boats/Weather, etc.
Renaming boats
rendezvous-2004-Vancouver Island
rendezvous-2004-Vancouver Island
rendezvous-2004-Vancouver Island
rental rate - high?
Renting a boat on Lake Deschenes (Ottawa)
Repair of cockpit drains in 3 easy steps
Repairing an old compass
repairing hole below the waterline
Repairing seat hatches
Repairs to Non-Skid
Repeated Al
replacement batteries/keel prep
replacement companionway door
Replacement hatch
Replacement Ports
Replacement springs for Fulton 2 stroke mount
Replacement springs for Fulton 2stroke motor mount.
replacement teak
Replacement turnbuckles
Replacement winches
Replacing a Tanzer 14 mast
Replacing bulkheads
Replacing Ice Box & Motor Mount Questions...
Replacing my centerboard
Replacing port seals
Replacing port windows
Replacing Rigging Chandlery or Do it Yourself?
Replacing rubrail, 1974 T22
Replacing starter pull-cord
Replacing T26 windows
Replacing tanzer 22 "windows"?
replacing the outboard motor mount
replies to threads
Reply to a couple of questions in the digest...
reply to Bill Wetzel re: rubrail
Replying to digest
Repositioning Traveler
Request for help - T 7.5 mast needed
Request for info on T28 Hull #31
Requesting a Favour
Requesting advice on proper mast resting position
Requiring new motor support
Rerigging advice needed
Responses to outboard for T22
Results of the bottom job and new sail
Reversing mast step & base
Revisions through the years. Making it better?
Re[2]: Trimming the Genoa
Richard: strobes unlawful?
Rick Zahler: re: Lake Eie to Lake St. Clair?
Rideau waterway
Rig for partially lowering the mast to go under a bridge
Rig Tension settings for the T26
rig tensioning
rigging a gennaker
Rigging a spinnaker halyard
Rigging and rust
rigging standards
Rigging the Boom Vang/KEY
rigging/flying spinnaker
Rigging; Rudder
Right of way - plane or sail?
Rik's Engine
rivets and stuff
Rivets on deck
Road Trip?
Rob Ward's Genny sheets & mutiny
Robert Frost
roll tacking
roll tacking
Roller boom adjustment
Roller Furler et al
roller furling existing genoa
Roller Furling unfurled
roller furling/rendezvous
Roller Furling
roller furling
roller furling
roller furling
roller furling
roller furling
Roller main on T22
Rolling hitch "holding"
Rollover Test
Rolly Tasker sails
Ron O's gin pole photos
Rope Halyards
Roslin Forrest - solo circumnavigation
Rub Rail Leaks - update
Rub Rail Leaks
Rub Rail Leaks
Rub Rail Leaks
Rub rail paint
rub rail quandary
Rub Rail Restoration
Rub Rail Saga!
Rub rail stupidity.
rub rail!
Rub Rail!
Rub Rail
Rub Rail
Rub rail
Rub Rail
rub rails
rub rails
Rub Strip - Part Two
Rub Strip
rubber gasket for long ports?
rubbin it in commander woodward?
Rube Goldberg idea for T-22 centerboard sufferers.
Rubrail and leaks
Rubrail Redux
Rubrail removal deck/hull joint resealing.
Rubrail replacement.
Rudder and Wintering in the water
Rudder Attachment on 7.5
Rudder ballast question
Rudder Construction
Rudder debate(s)
Rudder Failure / C/BKeel / LED Lights
Rudder Failure
rudder ooze
rudder pintles
Rudder protection!
rudder Q's
Rudder Report
Rudder Surgery success
Rudder Surgery, Bottom Paint removal and new stuff...
Rudder surgery
Rudder Surgery
Rudder Upgrade - Reversing
Rudder/Hebden Design
Rudders 101 step one.
Rudders 102
Rudders part two
Rudders...Float or sink?
Rule of tonnage?
Rule Platinum
Rule's Automatic bilge pumps
Rules clarification
Rules clarification
Rules clarification
Running halyards back
Running Lights for T26
Running lights replacement parts
Running speed Tanzer22 with Nissan 6hp
Runnning rigging
Rust on the inside of the shround
Rust on the keel on 7.5SD
Rust Stains....Ouch....
rust stains
Rusty Keel - Tanzer 7.5
Rusty keels
Rusty the Keel?
Rusty Tools
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Sacrifical anodes.
Sacrifical Zinc
Sad day :-(
sad day revisited
Sad T-28 on Ebay
Sad to Say Goodbye
safety mesh
Safety Rant (electric bilge pumps et al)
Sail Caddy
Sail care
sail care
sail cleaning
Sail Cleaning
Sail cleaning
sail cleaning
Sail cloth weight
Sail cover for sale
sail cover
Sail Expo in Oakland
Sail For Sale Info
Sail for Sale Information
Sail for sale.
Sail for sale
Sail Groove
sail groove
sail height on mast
sail measurements
sail now! Canada
Sail Number Glue Residue - Removal?
Sail Numbers on Jib & Spinnaker
sail numbers
sail numbers
sail prices
Sail pricing
Sail Raising
Sail Reconditioning in Toronto
Sail repair in Ottawa
Sail Repair in Toronto
Sail Repair
Sail repairs...
sail requirements for Tanzer 22? need advice !!!
Sail shackles
sail size under doubbled wind speed
Sail size
Sail Sizes
sail slide stop
sail slot covers
Sail Specifications
sail Surface..boom replacement
Sail surface
Sail swap?
sail track lube
Sail Track Lubricant
Sail Track
Sail... for SALE
Sailboat "Wheelee"
sailcare inc.
Sailcare Inc.
Saildrive Folding Prop
Saildrive group
Saildrive Manual, Boat Names and a Rant
Saildrive problems
saildrive prop
Sailed away,
Sailin' Strategy
Sailin', the joys of...
Sailing - Victoria BC
Sailing a Tanzer in Maine
Sailing at Night
Sailing Books
Sailing from CO
Sailing in 25 knots and T-22's top speed.
Sailing in Biloxi, Miss.
Sailing in Biloxi, Miss.
sailing in Conn.
Sailing in Connecticut
Sailing in Ogonquit,ME.
Sailing in the Snow
Sailing in Washington D.C. Aug. 2-4
Sailing in West Montreal area
Sailing info
Sailing Information
Sailing Lessons on Tanzer 22
Sailing on Wabamun
Sailing on Wabamun
Sailing Poetry, My Summer Vacation
Sailing Poetry
Sailing schools
Sailing simulation website
sailing simulator URL clarification
sailing sounds...
Sailing T28/T8.5 vs T29
Sailing the St Lawrence ~~~
Sailing Today
Sailing up north
Sailing Web Sites
Sailing Websites
Sailing with babies
Sailing with Babies
Sailing with Babies
Sailing with babies
Sailing with Kids. WAS: to roller furl or not to roller furler?!
Sailmakers and a #4?
Sailmakers, roller reefing, etc.
Sails for 2004
Sails for all Tanzer
Sails for race + Bad upwind performance
Sails for race + Bad upwind performance
Sails for Sale - Tanzer 22
Sails for sale
sails for sale
Sails for T-7.5
Sails Group Purchase
sails needed for a Tanzer 7.5
sails on my CDI roller furling
Sails, Car Stereo
Sailtrack stop?
Sales Brochures
Sales Brochures
Saling Capitals
Saling Capitals
Saling in the Pamlico Sound
Salt water in compartments
Salt Water
Sampson Post
San Diego Visitor
San Francisco Tanzers
Sanitary holding tank
Santas coming
Saving the Planet, one fish at a time (R-W)
Sawing Holes
Saying good-bye
Schaefer Snapfurl
Screen saver
Scuttlebutt 1274
Sea Cocks - Opened or Closed
Sea Fever
Sea Gulls and other birds
Sea Gulls and other birds
seacock/thru hull + fuse panel question - T22
Seacocks: Opened or Closed When Boat Enters Water?
Seafarer 3 depthsounder
Sealant For The Handrails?
Sealing chainplates
Sealing Through-hulls
search archive question
Searching for a good used trailer for T22
Searching for a Tanzer 22 Trailer
Searching for Sailmaker
Searching the Archives for Prussiks/Ascenders
seat drains
second hand depth sounder
Second motor control area for inboard
Second Question of the Day
securing the new rudder
securing the new rudder
See through bulkheads on a T22.
Seeking a NW T22
Seeking T25 Information
seeking T25 information
Seeking trailer info for 7.5 shoal keel
Self (pendulum servo ?) steering
Self Righting
self steering
Selling 11'Boston Whaler Super Sport Dinghy
serial numbers
Services in Fredericton
Seven days til launch date...
Sewing machines
Shaefer Snap Furl
Shear Pins
Shear Pins
Sheared bolt
sheer pin delight
sheet to tiller parts source
sheet-to-tiller - website and pictures
sheet-to-tiller rigs
Shelley: I've lost your email address
shipping a Tanzer 26: $6,900
Shoal keel 7.5 - Rik's Engine
Shoal keel performance??
Shop Vac Fate - Bottom jobs
Shopping for items for our T22s?
shore power
Short New Rudder
Shorten the Backstay
shorter rudder
Shorting standing rigging.
shroud and chainplate questions
Shroud Covers
shroud tension and bulkheads
Shroud tension on a T26
Shroud tension
shroud tension
shroud tension
Shroud tension
Shroud Tuning
Shrouds too long
Side mount ladder
sign me up, thanks
Sika website
Sikaflex 291/3M 5200 instead or West Epoxy with 403 filler
Sikkens bottom paint
Silicon Grease
Silly Question
Silva 320
Simian Glue... Errr Gorilla glue
Simple and safe way of rising and loweing mast
Simplicite Furler
Simplicite roller furling
Simrad's TP20 TillerPilot
Single handed sailing
Single handed sailing
Single Handed Sailing
Single Handing /Sail Raising
Single handing
Single Handing
single-handling spinnaker
Single-point-lift on Tanzer 22
Singlehanded 24 Hour Race - In Ottawa this Saturday
Singlehanded spinakker
Singlehanding a Spinnaker
Sink Drain
Sink Valve
Sink Valves Seacocks and corks!
Size of T26 Stern Chainplate
Size of T26 Stern Chainplate
Skippers Plan Insurance
Sleeping on board
Slight Leaking around Transponder
Slightly OT message
Slip fees near Annapolis
SLVYRA handicap rating
Small boats in the Caribbean
Small cruisers, was Knockdown?
Smaller boat
Smile :)
snapfurl on T22?
Snow and Launch
Snow sailing
So long ( for a while)
sobering "Frances" pictures
Social tonight in Pointe Claire
soda blast
Soda blasting anti-fouling paint.
solar / battery charging problem solved, but ...
Solar charger, Part II
Solar Charger
Solar charger
solar charger
Solar Chargers on Sale at Cdn. Tire Again
solar charging
Solar Panel for a T-22
Solar Panel Wiring
Solar Panel
solar panel
Solar panels
Solar power
Solar vent Question
Solar Vents
Some days are diamonds some days are dust.
Some new databases on eGroups
Something crazy ...
Sorry about that
Sorry and Split backstays...
Sorry I lied... almost
Sounders and Transducers
Source for CFC and IYE?
source for quarterberth cushions
sourcing new masthead
South Carolina
space near berth
Spash of water!
Speakers - how about this...
speakers in forward bulkhead?
Speakers part 3.569
speaking of "deals"
Speaking of anchor lights...
speaking of registration... bringing in foreign boats
Specs for a tanzer 26 spinnaker pole
Spectron -12 and A Tanzer 22 with trailer for sale!
Spectron instead of wire.
speed - mob
speedometer paddle wheel location
Speedometer/knotmeter that reads in real time
Speedwatch Log
Spider Cracks
spider line cracks
spider web cracks in gelcoat
spin dimensions
Spin pole
spin sheet blocks
spinaker blocks and rivets
Spinaker for 26
Spinaker Pictures
spinaker pole
Spinaker Wanted: Tanzer 7.5
Spinnake Pole Length
Spinnaker & hulls revisited
spinnaker Adventures
Spinnaker blocks
Spinnaker blues
spinnaker lines
Spinnaker lines
spinnaker on ebay
Spinnaker on T-22
Spinnaker pics
Spinnaker Pole / Mast Connection: slider or rings
Spinnaker Pole Length
Spinnaker Pole.
Spinnaker Pole
Spinnaker poles
Spinnaker Racing
Spinnaker Sailing
spinnaker tips
Spinnaker Tweaker Lines for a T22
Spinnaker wanted
Spinnakers - Part 2
SpinSheet Magazine Used Boat Reviews
spirit of the group
Splash test dummy
Split backstay adjuster
Split backstay on a T22?
split backstay
Split Backstay
Split rail
spreader bolt maintenance... one more point...
Spreader boots
Spreader end cap
spreader plate
Spreader rivets, again
Spreader rivets, revisited
Spreader rivets
Spreader rivets
Spreader Rivets
Spreaders & hatches
Spreaders on a T-22
Spreaders, Winch
Spring line cleats
Spring preparation
Spring Season prep exercises
Spring Tuneup Requirements
sq. ft. below waterline/ painting
squeaky cockpit floor
Squeaky Companionway Hatch
SR knotmeter problem
SR Mariner 3500 VHF radio
SR Mariner Knot/Log Meter - Wiring
St Laurence transit
st1000 autopilot
Stainless steel anchor
stainless steel springs
Stanchion base and fittings restoration
stanchion base needed for T25
Stanchion base rechroming
Standing rigging replacement/ jib furling recommendations
Standing Rigging Tuning?
standing rigging
Standing rigging
standing water
Star Class crew or skipper needed tonight
Star crew or skipper needed for tonight
Starboard genoa sheet rubs the fibreglass.
Starting strategy--T22 racing--
Stay deterioration
Stay removal while mast is standing
Stay tention T22
Steaming (Mast Head) Light
steel cradle for t75 or t22 shoal
Steel Keel- Care and Feeding
steering and names
Steering wheel
stem head fittings
Stepping Mast
Stepping/Unstepping a T28
Steps on Rudder
stereo and speaker source
stereo for T22 / Panel
stereo for T22
stereo for T22
stereo for T22
stereo for T22
Stereo Wiring
Stern boarding ladder on rudder?
Stern boarding ladder on rudder?
Stern Rail
Stern Rail
stern rail
Steve got up too early!
Sticky Sheaves
Still in the water
Stinking head syndrome
stinking head
stinky OMC saildrive remedies?
Stinky Waste Tank
Storing propane
Storm - Friday Aug 2
Storm Damage
Storm Jib T-7.5
Storm Jib T-7.5
Storm Jib
Storm Jib
storm sail
storm sails
Stormib on T-22 and 26+7,5
Stoves and Storage of Related Gases
Strange boat ...
strange bottle in locker
Strange fitting ...
Strictly Sail Boat Show in Philadelphia
Strictly Sail Chicago
Strictly Sail Philadelphia Show
Strictly Sail-Chicago
Stripe Painting
Stripped threads
stuck board
Stuck Center Boards
Stuck Center Boards
Stuck centerboard talk for change?
Stuck Centerboard
stuck centerboard
Stuck jib halyard
Study on Preventing Failure in Mooring Systems
stuffing box and beyond
Stupid weekend tricks
Sturdy anchorage
Subject: knotmeter
Subject: MORE engine problems
Subject: Rig for partially lowering the mast to go under a bridge
Subject: T8.5 differences
Subscribing to Digest Version - note from Hermann
Subscribing to Digest Version
Subscribing to Digest Version
subtle query
Summer 2001 Great Lakes Tanzer Tour/Regatta
Summer 2001 Greatlakes Tanzer Tour/Regatta
Summer 2001 Greatlakes Tanzer Tour/Regatta
Summer 2001 Greatlakes Tanzer Tour/Regatta
Summer 2001 Greatlakes Tanzer Tour?
Summer Love #493
Summer Love
sun and rain shelter
Sun Shade-Bimini top
Support the stock market on monday
Surface treatment
Surprising performance
Survey for insurance (was re: I made the deal)
Survey on Tanzer
Survey's, etc
Surveyor in Monroe, MI
Surveyor in Tremblant Que
surviving t-storms
Swing Keel pros and cons
Swing keel wiring
Swing up rudder
Swing-keel down all the way?
switch panel
switched email address
Switching for Charging
swivel cam cleats
Swivel cleats for genoa sheets.
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T 22
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T 26 trailer
T 26
T 27 - pros and cons ?
T 28 fuel gauge
t 28 rating
T 28
T 7.5 Bow Roller
T 7.5 Motor Question
T 7.5 sail area
T 7.5 Windows Correction
T 7.5
T 8.5 rig
T 8.5 with wheel
T-22 Ages, etc. and things to look for when buying a used T-22?
T-22 Availability
T-22 bow locker
T-22 Espoir is for sale
T-22 for Sale / Sail !
T-22 for sale, second posting.
T-22 Halyard Replacement
T-22 in Hamilton Harbour on Saturday
T-22 in Ottawa
T-22 Keel
T-22 Keel
T-22 Lifting Bridle
T-22 Mast length
T-22 North Americans
T-22 Owner and Sailmakers
T-22 Owners Guide on ebay
T-22 PHRF rating
T-22 pop-top?...
T-22 ports
T-22 Rudder
T-22 Rudder
T-22 rudder
T-22 Rudder
T-22 Sails
T-22 Shroud Size
T-22 Swing Keel Tow Vehicle
T-22 Tall or Std mast
T-22 used boat review for Practical Sailor
T-22 used boat review for Practical Sailor
T-22 Venting / Electricity
T-22 Winter Story
T-22's top speed part 2
T-22, Venting of gas cans
T-22/T-28 Owner's Manual
T-25 "Lack of Speed" 2004
T-25 "Speed-Quest" 2004
T-25 and spinnaker
T-25 for Sale
T-25 Haulout
T-25 Keel
T-25 Main Traveler
T-25 on YachtWorld
T-25 Projects
T-25 Tuning
T-25's new bottom paint?
T-26 escape hatch.
T-26 For Sale-$7,500
T-26 for sale
T-26 For Sale
T-26 for sale
T-26 Galley Cupboard
T-26 Handrail + T-28 for sale
T-26 Port/Stbd Running Lights
T-26 Sheets
T-26 Spin Pole, Tonnage, 1/4 Ton Photo?, T25 Mods, Association
T-26 Trailer
T-28 bulkhead
T-28 Keel Hull Joint
T-28 manual
T-28 Rudder Replacement
T-28 Rudder Replacement
T-28 trailer
T-28 trailer
T-28 Trailer
T-28 Transom
T-28 zinc
T-29 for sale
T-8.5, T-29 and T-31 Photos?
T16 ON
T22 #1000?
T22 #1225
T22 #2104 website down...
T22 "Foolish Laughter" special sale for next two weeks - includes trailer
T22 ?s
T22 anchor
T22 Association - News
T22 association
T22 Beaconsfield Open - Notice of race
T22 Bilge Pump
T22 boat insurance
T22 C/B New Rudder
T22 called Friendship
T22 Canadian Championship Results
T22 Canadian Championships, June 23-24, Notice of Race
T22 Canadian Championships, June 23-24, Notice of Race
T22 Canadians result?
T22 capacity
T22 Cdn. Championship Website
T22 centerboard/blisters
T22 centerboard
T22 centerboard
T22 Centerboard
T22 Class Association Executive
T22 Cockpit locker hatches
T22 damaged by Isabel?
T22 for sale for parts or project
T22 for sale, Kalamazoo, Michigan
T22 for sale
T22 for sale
T22 for Sale
t22 for sale
T22 for sale
T22 for sale
T22 for Sale
T22 for Sale
T22 for sale
T22 for sale
T22 for Sale
T22 for sale
T22 genoa block track width?
T22 Hand rails
T22 hull thickness
T22 icebox conversion
T22 icebox conversion
T22 inside port window trim installation
T22 keel ( cushions)
T22 Keel - Sale or Swap
T22 Keel
T22 Lead Keel Conversion
T22 luff curve--
T22 main for sale
T22 Mainsail
T22 Mast cross section dimensions
T22 Mast head removal
T22 Mast height / length
T22 mast
T22 Mast
T22 North Americans Crew Help Needed
T22 North Americans, Notice of Race
T22 on ebay
T22 on eBay
T22 on stands
T22 or Shark 24 future owner?
T22 out of Norwalk, CT???
T22 Performance Curves
T22 Pop top?
T22 port windows
T22 port windows
T22 port windows
T22 racing main opinions
T22 Refit - stemhead fitting
T22 review for RR & PS
T22 rubrail - calk and dirt
T22 Rudder material
T22 Rudder Pintles
T22 Sail tuning
T22 Seat cushions
T22 sink
t22 solar only
T22 to sell or parts?
T22 to sell or parts?
T22 Tow Vehicle
T22 Trailer dimensions
T22 Trailer Specs
T22 Trailer wanted
T22 trailer
T22 Traveler( again!!)
T22 Vs T7.5
T22 Window Fix
t22 window
T22 with broken mast
T22 without foresail winches?
T22 woes
T22, #1067 for sale
T22, #1067 for sale
T22, #541 for sale
T22/ Trailer question
T2274861 - "Mahia"
T25 Mast bend
T26 ([not] bluebelle soon to be renamed "Alligator Grin" )-- Haulout first time
T26 1981 For Sale
T26 advice
T26 Anchor Well Cover
T26 ballast question
T26 Cradle
T26 Cruise
T26 Dimensions
T26 for sale - Hamilton, ON
T26 for sale
T26 for sale
T26 galley cupboard
T26 Hatch in Plexiglass
T26 Hatch in Plexiglass
T26 head
T26 heel
T26 hidden leaks
T26 in NC (was: importing a boat to Canada from USA)
T26 Keel Bolt Torque
T26 luff slug diameter?
T26 Mast rake
T26 Mast
T26 Mast
T26 My Future?
T26 new rudder design
T26 on Global!
T26 on Lake St.Clair Yesterday.
T26 original equipment
T26 Outboard
T26 PHRF rating
T26 polar diagram
T26 questions.
T26 Rig specs
T26 Rudder Plans
T26 rudder plans
T26 rudder plans
t26 rudder
T26 rudder
T26 rudder
T26 Rudder
T26 sail dimensions
T26 sail dimensions
T26 Sails for sale
T26 sails
T26 shrouds and stepping the mast
T26 Standing Rigging
T26 Trailer
T26 transom & hinge access
T26 winch bases , neccessary? (La Paz hurricane)
T26 windows question
T26 windows
T26, water in cabin mystery
T27 for sale
T28 2002 Pre-launch Pictures
T28 cockpit locker as propane tank locker
T28 Database
T28 Diesel
T28 Engine Room Blower Fan
T28 For Sale
T28 For Sale
T28 for sale
T28 for sale
T28 for Sale
T28 Hatches/Covers
T28 in NC
T28 in St Thomas
T28 Mast Raising
T28 message -- Holding Tanks
t28 owners manuel
T28 photos
T28 photos
T28 Photos
t28 ports
T28 Project Page
T28 Repair/Replacement List: Input?
T28 Sails
T28 Sails
T28 T8.5
T28 T8.5
T28 vs T26 Discussion
T28s with Furling...
T29 For Sale
T29 Scans
T7.5 Anchor solutions
T7.5 Center of gravity
T7.5 Chesapeake Bay Clubs and Races
T7.5 Cunningham Parts
T7.5 For Sale In NJ. Wife wants bigger boat.
T7.5 for sale
T7.5 For Sale
T7.5 on ebay
T7.5 Port Inserts, Spline, and Sponge
T7.5 Shoal Keel Trailer
T7.5 spinnaker rigging
T7.5 vs T-22
T7.5: Increasing main sail area.
T8.5 differences
T8.5 for sale (not mine)
T8.5 for sale
T8.5 Manual & halyard sizes
T8.5 Mid Hatch
T8.5 photos
T8.5 photos
T8.5 project boat
T8.5 rudder
T8.5, etc
tabbing & rigging
Tack Pin Description/Size
tack plate
take out
Taking out the Tanzer22
Tall Ships
tank pumping precaution?
Tank Top Weather in the Chesapeake
Tanzer #1810 Sold
Tanzer 1/4 Tonner - Factory Tanzer Lead Keel, glass covering?
Tanzer 10.5 corner portlights replacement
Tanzer 10.5 Pilothouse
Tanzer 10.5
Tanzer 10.5
Tanzer 10.5
Tanzer 10.5
Tanzer 10.5
Tanzer 14 feet
Tanzer 14 or 16 Rudder Replacement
Tanzer 14
Tanzer 14
Tanzer 16 on ebay
Tanzer 16 Rudder Needed
Tanzer 16 spinnaker
Tanzer 16
Tanzer 22 #1700 "Dove"
Tanzer 22 #782 picture found
Tanzer 22 - best offer
Tanzer 22 - Single Handing & Sail Rasing
Tanzer 22 - Winged Keel?/ More on JA's Penbscot 17
Tanzer 22 / 7,5 / 26 Sails for Spring 2002
tanzer 22 1979
Tanzer 22 AGM/Information/Feedback e-mail Group
Tanzer 22 available
Tanzer 22 available
Tanzer 22 Canadian and North American past winners.
Tanzer 22 Canadian Series 1
Tanzer 22 dodger - re: Running halyards back
Tanzer 22 Fiberglass Parts
Tanzer 22 Fleet #4!
Tanzer 22 Fleet 6 -- Ottawa/Gatineau
Tanzer 22 for sail (Peace of Heaven)
Tanzer 22 for sale with photos
Tanzer 22 for Sale!
Tanzer 22 for sale
Tanzer 22 for Sale
Tanzer 22 for sale
Tanzer 22 for sale
Tanzer 22 for sale
Tanzer 22 For Sale
Tanzer 22 For Sale
Tanzer 22 future owner?
Tanzer 22 Graphics
Tanzer 22 Hatch and Anchor Well Cover
Tanzer 22 Inspection
Tanzer 22 Mooring Line Setup
Tanzer 22 North American Championship Regatta Webpage
Tanzer 22 North Americans
Tanzer 22 offshore
Tanzer 22 on Ebay - Buy it Now for for $399
Tanzer 22 outboard
Tanzer 22 Polar Curve
Tanzer 22 Question - before pending purchase..
Tanzer 22 racing this weekend at the Montreal One Design Regatta!
Tanzer 22 retrofit
Tanzer 22 review
tanzer 22 rudder
Tanzer 22 Stern Rail
Tanzer 22 suggestions and opinions needed
Tanzer 22 Swing Keel
Tanzer 22 tiller
tanzer 22 toilet....
Tanzer 22 trailer
Tanzer 22 trailer
Tanzer 22 Water tank
Tanzer 22
Tanzer 22
Tanzer 22
tanzer 22
Tanzer 22
tanzer 22
Tanzer 22s for sale
Tanzer 25 #28
Tanzer 25 - humming mast
Tanzer 25 backstay and keel ideas?
Tanzer 25 for sale
Tanzer 25 for sale
Tanzer 25 for sale
Tanzer 25 for sale
Tanzer 25 manual
Tanzer 25 mast and boom questions
Tanzer 25 Mast stepping
Tanzer 25 moulds
Tanzer 25 owners
Tanzer 25 question?
Tanzer 25 reefing and outhaul
Tanzer 25 setup
Tanzer 25/29 Windows
Tanzer 25
Tanzer 25
Tanzer 26 aft Cabin
Tanzer 26 bottom work
Tanzer 26 Brochure
Tanzer 26 Documentation
Tanzer 26 FOR SALE in DC area
Tanzer 26 for sale: $8,000 firm
Tanzer 26 for sale
Tanzer 26 For Sale
Tanzer 26 For Sale
Tanzer 26 furling genoa
Tanzer 26 Half Hull Model
Tanzer 26 hull number/sail number
Tanzer 26 hull/serial number.
Tanzer 26 now for sale at $7,500!
Tanzer 26 offer
Tanzer 26 on Ebay, location Baltimore
Tanzer 26 Owner-Vancouver.B.C Area
Tanzer 26 owners guide
Tanzer 26 owners manual
Tanzer 26 question?
Tanzer 26 Racing Photos
Tanzer 26 rating
Tanzer 26 replacements
Tanzer 26 rudder upgrade
Tanzer 26 rudder upgrade
Tanzer 26 sails for sale
Tanzer 26 sink
Tanzer 26 value
Tanzer 26 wanted
Tanzer 26 wanted
Tanzer 26 water tank & icebox
Tanzer 26 Website
Tanzer 26 with Trailer for Sale - Trenton, Ontario
Tanzer 26' 226
Tanzer 26' Questions from a Canadian
Tanzer 26's with OMC saildrives
Tanzer 26- Lake Huron
Tanzer 26..double bed
Tanzer 26: $6,900
Tanzer 26
Tanzer 26
Tanzer 26
Tanzer 26
Tanzer 26
Tanzer 27 Info
Tanzer 27 owners/previous owners
Tanzer 27
Tanzer 27
Tanzer 27
Tanzer 28 - Parts & Service
Tanzer 28 for sale in chesapeake
Tanzer 28 for sale on E-Bay
Tanzer 28 for sale, South Haven, Lake Michigan
Tanzer 28 for sale
Tanzer 28 For Sale
Tanzer 28 for sale
Tanzer 28 hull
Tanzer 28 just listed on e-Bay today
Tanzer 28 Lead Keel, Mars Metal?
tanzer 28 locations
tanzer 28 trouble!
Tanzer 28
Tanzer 28
Tanzer 28
tanzer 28
Tanzer 28
Tanzer 28
Tanzer 28
Tanzer 29 & 31 Info
Tanzer 29 I looked at today
Tanzer 29 info
Tanzer 29 number built?
Tanzer 29 Pictures
Tanzer 29's Out There?
tanzer 29- keel- osmosis
Tanzer 29
Tanzer 29
Tanzer 29
Tanzer 29
Tanzer 29
Tanzer 31 ???
Tanzer 31 Link
tanzer 31 review?
Tanzer 31
Tanzer 31
Tanzer 31
Tanzer 33
Tanzer 7.5 #217
Tanzer 7.5 #458 Sold
Tanzer 7.5 & 26 Hulls
Tanzer 7.5 1977 For Sale
Tanzer 7.5 center of gravity
Tanzer 7.5 cockpit hatch mold
Tanzer 7.5 for sale -- Halifax
Tanzer 7.5 for sale at fall price (8,000$) canadian
Tanzer 7.5 for sale
Tanzer 7.5 for sale
Tanzer 7.5 for sale
Tanzer 7.5 for sale
Tanzer 7.5 for sale
Tanzer 7.5 For Sale
tanzer 7.5 for sale
Tanzer 7.5 for sale
Tanzer 7.5 For Sale
Tanzer 7.5 for sale?
Tanzer 7.5 Graphics
Tanzer 7.5 List To Port
Tanzer 7.5 Manual...
Tanzer 7.5 Numbering
tanzer 7.5 racing
Tanzer 7.5 Shopping: Shoal Draft or Fin keel?
Tanzer 7.5 Spec sheets, anyone with the same for the T22?
Tanzer 7.5 Spec sheets, by name, in JPG and PostScript format...
Tanzer 7.5, spinnaker dimensions
Tanzer 7.5
Tanzer 8.5 for sale 1981
Tanzer 8.5 for sale- Manitoba
Tanzer 8.5 for sale
Tanzer 8.5 Rudder
Tanzer 8.5
Tanzer 8.5
Tanzer 8.5
Tanzer 8.5
Tanzer 8.5
Tanzer @ ????
Tanzer @ auction
Tanzer and winter afterlife
Tanzer Annual General Meeting
Tanzer Annual Meeting & Montreal fleet Meeting
tanzer assoc web site
Tanzer Association: Fleets
Tanzer Ball Caps
Tanzer Boat Molds for sale?
Tanzer book
Tanzer Caps & T-Shirts
Tanzer Chesapeake Rendezvous - 2000
Tanzer Core Material
Tanzer Database (Yahoo Groups)
Tanzer database of interesting subjects copied from egoup respons es to searchable Access database
tanzer digests - Second Attempt
Tanzer Dinner - Annapolis MD area (also - join the association)
Tanzer dinner at Britannia Yacht Club this Friday
Tanzer event in Toronto area in 2001?
Tanzer Fleets - was: Mooring in Toronto and a new fleet.
Tanzer for Sale from SWYC
Tanzer for sale on e-bay
tanzer for sale
tanzer for sale
Tanzer for sale
Tanzer for sale
Tanzer Go Fast 101, Post #2 - Performance Analysis
tanzer go-fast
Tanzer Graphics Re-born
Tanzer Graphics
Tanzer Graphics
tanzer group / mail list
Tanzer Group Homepage
Tanzer Hatches
Tanzer Help
Tanzer hull's versus the Competition
Tanzer hull/transducer....thanks all
Tanzer hull
Tanzer Jell Coat Color?
Tanzer knowledge all in the compendiums
tanzer lifting rig
Tanzer Logo
Tanzer logo
Tanzer Mail Group
Tanzer Mail List inadvertent humour!
Tanzer Mast Raising Warning
Tanzer News
Tanzer Night
Tanzer night
Tanzer Non-Skid for Deck and Cockpit Repairs
Tanzer North Americans Update
Tanzer OMC Saildrive
Tanzer or not ???
Tanzer Owners Association?
Tanzer Owners Handbook/Manual
Tanzer Pamphlet
tanzer parts
Tanzer Party in the Baltimore Area Thursday Dec 30
Tanzer Party in the Baltimore Area
Tanzer PHRF ratings
Tanzer PHRFs
Tanzer Pictures
Tanzer Plans
Tanzer Poll
Tanzer raceing in western Lake Ontario
Tanzer racing in the Maritimes
Tanzer Racing in YOUR area
Tanzer Regatta Trenton
Tanzer Regatta
Tanzer rig size...
Tanzer sighting ...
Tanzer sighting
Tanzer Spinniker pole and other stuff..
Tanzer spotlighted
Tanzer Supply Store and Solar Power
Tanzer T 7.5 Bow Roller
Tanzer T-shirts for sale
Tanzer Talk article on removing the keel
Tanzer Talk article.
Tanzer Talk Articles
Tanzer Tow Vehicle
Tanzer US nationals 2003 FALL REGATTA INFO
Tanzer US Regatta Captain Mtg correction & Sailboat show Tickets
Tanzer Van Isle
Tanzer Website/ 10.5 for Sale
Tanzer Yahoo website.
Tanzer-22 For Sale
Tanzer22 Canadian Championships July 12-15 2000
Tanzer22 Rudder
Tanzer22 US Nationals Oct. 18 and 19, 2003
Tanzer22 US Nationals Oct. 18 and 19, 2003
Tanzer26 Hull Moisture
tanzer28 prop shaft and skeg
Tanzer31 C&C design
Tanzer7.5 for sale.
Tanzer7.5 for sale.
TanzerGet Together -Vancouver Island 2004
Tanzerpalooza Saturday August 14
Tanzers (boats) and alergies....
Tanzers - the moving experience!!
Tanzers big and small
Tanzers for sale - Vancouver Island
Tanzers for sale
Tanzers for sale
Tanzers for sale
Tanzers for sale?
Tanzers from 70's to Replace Space Shuttle
Tanzers Go Fast 101
Tanzers having fun.
Tanzers in Maine
Tanzers older and newer
Tanzers, big and small to go afar
Tarp as a winter cover more trouble than worth.
Tarp as a winter cover more trouble than worth.
Tarp saga
Tarp Second Note
Tarp Tape
Taugh Lynch/NewYork/DBNA/DeuBa is out of the office.
Taxes on sails?
Teak & Holly Floor Part 2
teak & holly sole
teak and holly sole
teak debate
Teak Finishes
teak handrails
teak ply screwup!
Teak refiinishing advice!
Teak Replacement with HDP
Teak source?
teak treatment
Teal covers
Tech questions
technical turnbuckle question
Technique Question
techno freaks again
Telescopic boom derrick system for lifting outboards
Temporary Fix - T22 Centerboard
tender towing
Tension des haubans sur un T7.5
Tension for the mast on T7.5
Tension of the Standing Rigging
test - ignore
Test boat
test message
test message
test-ignore plse
test: messsage
testing a self powered knotmeter.
testing from home again
testing new e mail
testing the new list
Testing the waters
testing thru hull fitting
testing, again
testing, sorry
testing... please disregard
Tether and Rudder
tether info
Thank You
Thanks - Cable Calm... Deck Paint
thanks again
Thanks all for the paint info
thanks all!
thanks all
Thanks Ben, Ken, John, Michael
Thanks everyone - Price for a T29?
Thanks everyone!
Thanks for information about Tanzers!
Thanks for input!
Thanks for the help
Thanks for the rudder info
Thanks for the Tanzer 22 Graphics
Thanks for Wood Finishing Tips!
Thanks Owen
thanks re: chainplates
Thanks to all
Thanks to John Clemens
Thanks to whoever suggested copper tubing in the cockpit drains!
thanks Tony Bertram for the old digests!!
Thanks very much.
That '70's Boat T-Shirt Final Push...
That '70's Boat T-shirts end of season sale
That '70's boat....
That chunk of wood on the back of my boat
Thawing in Edmonton
The de-masting party went well this weekend.
The Demise of Tanzer Industries
The diesel
The difference a year makes.
The EveryPersons' Tanzer Yacht Club and the CYA
The experienced rubrail alumni.
The First T22 North Americans was held in Toronto
The Great Tanzer Gathering in Red Bank, NJ
The Head
The keel.
The Key to T7.5 Anchoring Happiness
The last of the "Hot Rum" series.
The list and the Rendezvouses
The mast as an antenna
The Movie Wind
The North American Championships 2000
the Peacock's "new" T-22/ Summer Wind
The process is not guaranteed.
the Rake's progress
The rudder works
The Rudder
The Search is Over
The season continues.....
The sink in the head compartment
The SMELL down below
the standard that Tanzer is so well known for...
The T22 tiller extension--
The Tanzer world
The weekend
They're everywhere
Things that go 'clunk' in the night or day
Things to look for?
Things to remember...
thinking about our boats
thinking of making sole for cabin and cockpit..Any thoughts? Pics!
Third T-22 Rudder Style
This New Mail List Name
This Old Boat
Thomas Froncek
Those who move their T22s
thoughts on CDI roller furler?!
Thoughts on roller furler and cheapest place to buy!
Thoughts on T22 damaged by Isabel?
Thoughts to Live By
Three knots
Through hulls
Through hulls
Through-hull drainage plugs
Thru hull 81 Tanzer 26
thru hull and fuse panel
Thru hull knotmeter
Thru hull removal
Thru Hull
Thru Hulls
Thru Hulls
Thru-Hull and Seacock
Thru-Hull Fitting
Thunder down below
Tidal lift
Tiller control
Tiller control
Tiller control
tiller extension
Tiller Extension
tiller length
Tiller Lock???
Tiller Pilots
Tiller Tamer
tiller tamer
Time change
time to go sailing
Time vs Distance - Putting it in Perspective
Timing strategy--T22 racing--
tips on single handling needed!
to boom vang or not to boom vang
To bubble or not to bubble...
To Gel Coat or Not to Gel Coat
to roller furl or not to roller furler?!
To Vang or not to Vang... that is the question!
to Voiles Sud
To Will - cruising 'Canadian' San Juans
Today - Thanks!
Today We Honor....
Toggle For Furler.
Toggles, and rig alignment
Tony Bertram and Rudder Surgery
Too many photos!
Too Many Thru Hulls?
Too much leeway
Top of the mast in a bosun's chair?
Top Tanzerite in Florida Regatta
Toping Lift
Topping lift and fore guy
Topping Lift Hum and Proper Tension
topping lift on tanzer 22
Topping Lift; Jibe Preventer
topping lift
Topping lift
topping lift
topside paint
Topside restoration
Toronto - Welland Canal - ?
Toronto Area Tanzer night - last call.
Toronto Area Tanzer Night
Toronto Boat Show - Tanzer Get together Final Plans
Toronto Boat Show Summary
Toronto Boat Show
Toronto Boat show
Toronto Boat Show
Toronto Boat Show
Toronto Boatshow Tanzer Get Together
Toronto Fleet
Toronto meeting
Toronto NOOD
Toronto Sailing World NOOD
Toronto Show
Toronto Tanzer Night 2004
Toronto Tanzer Night Follow Up, Dinettes, and Upper Cdns!
Toronto Tanzer Night
Toronto Tanzer Night
Toronto Tanzer Night
Totally Solar
Totonto Show + snow
touch up paint?
touch up
tous les fichiers possédant
towing a canoe
Towing a Tanzer
Towing a Tanzer
Towing again
TQT#736 Stella blue
Tr: removing poly-glow
Track Stop for Boom - Need a little more help, thanks
Track Stop for Boom - Need some help
Trailer cradle
trailer for T-22 fin keel
Trailer for T22
Trailer for T26 that would fit a T22
trailer for Tanzer 7.5 (shoal draft)
Trailer for Tanzer26
Trailer launching a Fin Keel Tanzer 22
trailer or cradle for 7.5
trailer plans
Trailer Preventive Maintenance
Trailer Question
Trailer tongue extension
Trailer towing tip.
Trailer???? Lake Ontario Tanzer Regatta 2002
trailering a Tanzer 7.5 (shoal keel)
Trailor Info Needed
Transat Quebec / Saint Malo
Transducer installation question
transducer location
Transducer Locations
Transducers & Conformity Plates (Canadian)
transducers responces
Transmission Oil?
Transmission Oil?
transom-mount knotmeter?
Transporting a T22
Transporting a Tanzer 22 (Montreal to Ottawa)
Traveler and Harken block on Ebay auctions
Traveler and motormount
traveler installation
Traveler on a T-22
Traveler placement
traveler rigging
Traveler rigging
Traveller Car Replacement
Trekka as design inspiration for T-22?
Trekka to Tanzer to Serpentaire
Trenton and East
Trenton Regatta
Trenton Regatta
Trenton Tanzer Regatta 2003
Tri-Radial Spinnaker For Sale
Tricks, rigging & this group
Trimaran to solve keel issue?
Trimming the Genoa
Trip Pics
Trip Planning Charts
trouble shooting depth meter
Trusting the main halyard shackle
Try an MP3 Player...
trying to determine the selling price of of a tanzer 26 in show room condition
Trying to find a suitable replacement block
Tsunami disaster UNICEF
Tsunami photos from water side
Tsunami photos
Tuff luff
Tuning the Tanzer?
Tuning the Tanzer?
Tuning tips needed; any T26 racers on Lake St. Clair?
Tuning: Forget arbitrary numbers; focus on simple goals.
Turn buckles and stays
Turnbuckle Size
turnbuckle working load limits plus "DIY" rigging
turning blocks at mast base
Turning blocks on mast
TV antenna and GPS
Twisted spinnaker
two fuel-related questions...
Two more Questions?
Two questions
Two Quick Questions
two-battery electrical?
Type of BBQ
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U.S. Eastern Rendezvous
UFO's in Kelowna
UHMW-PE as a backing plate
UHMWPE Pintle mounts & Windows
UK MAIN for sale
UK Sails Tanzer sails!!
Ultimate Hats
Unable to deliver your message
Uncovering a messy bottom
Under the dorade box, T28
under the light.....
Undoing a rudder snag
Unidentified subject!
Unidentified subject!
Unusual Occurrence
up the mast - rope ladder
Update on "Transporting a Tanzer"
Updated Woody's list (was: MD boaters - Dec 21st -Woody's?)
upper bunk on portside
Urgent assistance required!
URL needed
US Fall Regatta
US import duty?
US Rendezvous & Captain's Cup
Use anti-seize to prevent stuck bolts
Used 150 genoa for a 7.5?
Used Cruising chute
Used Dodger
Used items WANTED
Used knotmeter anywhere?
used mainsail needed
Used Mainsail Wanted
used mainsail, anyone?
used outboard advice
Used Outboards, Windows, Flooring, and the Icebox space...
used sails for a 22'
used sails for a 22
used sails T-22
used sails
Used Sails
Used T22 Motor Bracket for sale.
Using old sails as a canopy.
Using space...
using the blower
USPS & Heaving To
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V-Berth Size
valve and thru hull replacement
Vancouver BC - anyone sailing June 24th
Vancouver Boat Show.
Vancouver sailing
vang setup
VC 17 Application
VC Offshore
VC Tar, Interprotect 2000E, POR-15?
vc17 without vc tar
VC17, waterline, epoxy, J/24
VC17M advice
VC17M, painting bottom in Fall?
vent security
vent security
Ventilation device T7.5 forward of mast
ventilation questions
Ventilator on old style T-22 forward hatch
Vents @ Hatches
Venturi drains - an idea
Vessel numbers - oops
VHF antenna cabling
VHF antenna
VHF antennae
VHF Buzz
VHF Licence - one more link
VHF License
VHF radio check
VHF radio needed!
vhf radio
VHF share?
VHF weatherproof/submersible
VHF wiring at the companionway
vinyl letters available in southern Ontario
Vinyl window trim for newer Tanzer 7.5
Vinyl window trim for Tanzer 7.5
Virus issues
Virus Problem!!
virus problems
virus trick
Viruses Alert
visits to U.S. ports
Voiles Sud : new address e-mail
Volvo diesel 16 hp single cyl
Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race
volvo penta manual
Voyaging Tanzerites
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Wall thickness
Want To Buy a Tanzer 16
Want to purchase
Wanted - Spinnaker and pole
Wanted - T22 rudder!
Wanted Spinnaker Gear for Tanzer 8.5 1984
Wanted Tanzer 29
Wanted to Buy
Wanted to Buy
Wanted trailer for rent for T22
Wanted: 150% Jib for a 7.5
Wanted: 150% Jib T7.5
Wanted: MB10A Volvo Penta
Wanted: sails
Wanted: Tanzer 26 with trailer
Wanted: Tanzer-22 in great condition
Wanted: used, but excellent, racing sails and rudder
warning message
Warning: Tanzer 27 flaw, risk of sinking!
Warp Drive
Was a date set?
washboard sizes
washing lines
washing sails
washing sails
Waste tank
Waste tank
Waste tank
Water displacer in wood
water in bilge
Water in starboard compartment
Water in throught the Scuppers, and anchoring
water in vee berth
Water inside the Bilges
water leaks
water leaks
Water Levels
Water levels
Water pump/thermostat
Water Tank & winter storage
Water Tank - How to fill?
water tank
Water Tank
Water tank
Water, Bulkheads, etc.
waterline scum
Wave Heights & Websites
wave heights-great lakes
Wax & Polish?
Wayne Guembel
We are the newest T22 owners in the Pacific northwest
We love you guys up North
We Remember
We've taken the plunge!
wealth of head info
Weather / Covers on Lake Ontario
Weather Helm
Weather Helm
Weather tales
Weather Window
Weather.... YUCK!
web site for signet
Weekend of Wind....
Weight and Balance, more on the garelick mount and wind...
Weight and Climbing the mast
Weight Kills
weird messages, virus
Well We went down and looked and...
Welland Canal GPS Waypoint
went sailing tday
west coast 10.5's
west coast get-together
West Coast Rendezvous - update??
West Coast rendezvous
West Coast rendezvous
West Coast Rendezvous
West Coast Tanzer rally
West Marine has bought BOAT/U.S.
wet bulkheads
Wet sanding vs. buffing
What a difference additional lighting makes!
What a Peacock is...
What a pleasure....
What a Race& What a Y.C
What are the final T22 Canadian results?
What are the T22 max hull speeds?
What became of...Well, we went down to see it?
What Can You Do When a Hurricane Is Coming?
What Genny #or % con't
What Genny #or %
What Happens When You're Not Ready To Launch
What is "Proper Course" on a downwind leg?
What is the proper Keel Bolt Torque
What makes for a good harness?
What sail is this?
what size cotter pins & split rings
What size sail is most common for rolling furlers?
what to do with old 170?
What to do with your prop?
What type of genoa winch was used on a 1979 tanzer 22?
What's it for?
what's the hull speed of a Tanzer
Whats the POINT?
Wheel Steering-Tanzer 22
Wheel steering
Where does he sail?
Where is Deal Island?
Where is Tim deHann
where to drill holes in the new rudder
Where to drill holes
where to lead the jibsheets?
where to put the anchor?
Where to Tether in Weather?
Where to Tether in Weather?
Where's Waldo
While we're still on the subject of depthsounders...!
whisker pole alternative
Whisker Pole wanted
Whisker Pole
whisker pole
Whisker pole
Whisker Poles
Whitby YC Open Regatta
Who did the T22 Keel - centerboard swap
Who needs new sails?
Whole Article
Why I chose a Tanzer 28
why we don't sail in the winter
Why we like our Tanzers
Wilmington & South Port, NC
Winch Bearings
Winch cleaning supplies
Winch disaster
winch handles
Winch Help
Winch Maintenance
Winch pads?
Winch question for T 7.5 mainsail
winch question
Winch rebult kit
Winch removal?
winch repairs
Winch size
Winchers self-tailing adapters
Winches to the Cockpit
wind direction
wind generator
Wind Indicator
Wind on the Bow
Wind strength perception
Wind vane idea
Window and hatch sealant/caulking
window clearer
Window frame
Window frame
window frames
window gasket
window gaskets
Window in a Genoa
window molding T-10.5
Window Replacement
Window replacements
window size
Windows: Lexan or Plexiglass?
Windvane project
Windward Performance Question
windward performance under main
Windy day on Lake Ontario
Winter Cover-up
Winter Cover
Winter dreams of roller furling
Winter fuel storage
Winter in Florida
Winter project: dodger and companionway seat
Winter reading and government cutbacks
Winter Reading...
Winter reading
Winter Sailing?
Winter storage......What can stay, what should go?!
Winter Storage
Winter Storage
Winter Storage
winter storage
winter work
Winterizing a Four Stroke Engine
Winterizing in the South
winterizing mooring
Winterizing outboards
Winterizing the Boat
Winterizing the mast
wintertime activities
Wire / Deck Connections
Wire Fishing
Wire halyards and Sheet attachment
Wire halyards
wire holes
Wire Routing
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram
Wiring for 120 VAC
Wiring for lightning?
Wiring in the mast
Wiring in the mast
Wish List
Wish me luck on CB/keel...
With the mast down
Wobbly pushpit and pulpit
Wood Coatings
Wood Finishes
Wood solutions...
Wood solutions...
Wooden Sailboat Parts Kit (?)
Woods other than Teak or mohagony
worm virus
Worn headstay
would a 5hp work for a T22?
Wow! what a day!
WOW..what an outboard thread...
WTB - small tender for my Tanzer
WTB- Furling for my T 7.5
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Y Valve
YA HOO!...and trailering
Yacht Summary Site
Yahoo Database
Yahoo Site - Another Problem
Yamaha 9.9 Hi thrust
Yamaha outboards
yard trailer
Yes Virginia there are bendy masthead rigs!
Yes,... Cockpit locker hatches
yet another question re head!!!
Your all getting sick of me, arent you? Another Q.
Your request for source for gasket for forward hatch
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za bendz
zinc protection
~re: ~ T26 shrouds and stepping the mast