"Surefire" - Tanzer 22
Photo by Rich Shapiro

Welcome to Moby's sailing adventures!

Why not! Everyone else chronicles their daily life on the web, why not my sailing adventures? I can sail whenever possible and do website stuff when I can't, the best of both worlds. Being new to sailing, I would like to share my experiences to maybe help others who are breaking into the sport. I am also documenting the "restoration" of my first sailboat, a Tanzer 22. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words so I will be posting pictorial, step-by-step descriptions of each project. The links below will take you to the the different sections of my website.

Sailing video to get you through the winter!

Mobyware Pages:

Sailing Casco Bay 2009

Sailing Casco Bay 2007

Sailing Casco Bay 2005

Sailing Casco Bay 2004

Boat Restoration and Improvement Projects

Tanzer Yahoo Group Message Subject Index

Catalina 30 Yahoo Group Message Subject Index

Buying My First Sailboat

Moby's Tanzer 22 Sightings

Casco Bay Boats

Haulout and Single-handed Mast Lowering

Winterizing and Mast Storage

Video to get you through the winter (Windows movie file .wmv 2.3Mb)

You can contact me at moby (you know, the "at" symbol) mobyware.com. If I post my email address I'll get more SPAM than the Monty Python skit.

Please let me know you visited by signing my ship's log.

Looking for my harmonica version of Aunt Rody? Here it is: auntrody.mp3

[Surf Sailing for All of Us!]
Sailing for All of Us!
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