2 of 4Sailing Casco Bay 2005
Going round the bouys
Spring Point light
Where's the sunset?

I anchored for the first time when we went out to watch the fireworks on the 4th. It was much easier than I thought and I kept taking bearings to see if we were dragging. I had the GPS going too with the anchor alarm on but we held pretty good in about 20 feet of water with a mud bottom. We were near Spring Point light and there were some pretty big wakes but the anchor held fine. We had a great time watching the fireworks but there was a lot of boat traffic and wakes coming back. First time sailing at night too. It is really hard to see the lighted bouys with all the reflections from the city lights.

Tacking up to Portland Head
Robin and Al
Portland Head Light
We're ahead!
The "Gazella"
I've been brave enough to invite people on my boat now and have started meeting more of the boating crowd. I met Al and Robin this spring in the boat yard when I was doing my bottom (OK, the boat's bottom). They are new to the sailing sport too so it was kind of cool for me to show them things. I'm looking forward to their launch because I know how hard they have been working on their boat.

I raced for the first time, with my sailing instructor Doug, and had a blast. The winds were really strong when we set out but then they died. I only had my working jib on but we did OK against another Tanzer 22, "Mary B". She has got a new genny and can out point us by 10 degrees. I liked it so much I registered for the rest of the race season. Since Doug is a racer he knew exactly what to do tactically and I learned a lot from him. We'll see how I do when I'm on my own.

The "Bagheera" overtaking the "Francis"
Sun setting behind Ft. Gorges
Doug giving lessons to a couple of cuties
Captain Dave, a fellow Tanzer 22 owner
Ram Island light house
I never get tired of seeing the Frances and the Bagheera out on the bay and it's a real treat seeing them race. It's just amazing that everytime I go out to the same bay it's a completely different experience. I saw my instructor, Doug, giving sailing lessons to a couple of girls. I was half expecting him to sail circles around me but I think he was pre-occupied. I had the pleasure of taking a new owner of a T22 (hull #815) out for his first sail in a Tanzer. He was a natural at the helm and I'm sure he'll have fun with his boat once it's in the water.
Wing in Wing
Another gorgous sunset!
Whitehead Passage
I finally reached one of my summer goals.
The "Sea Q", a Tanzer 7.5 meter
When you're new to sailing it's always fun keeping track of your "first" events. All last year I tried to make it to Cousin's Island during a day sail. This year, I think in testement to my improved sailing skills, I finally made it there and back in time to pick the girls up at school. It was a thrill expanding the limits of my sailing waters. I had another fantastic sail through Whitehead Passage and up to Junk of Pork rock (wish I knew the history behind that name). It's great when I can get into open water and lash the tiller and let the boat sail herself. Saw a dolphin for the first time from my boat! I also saw my first Tanzer 7.5 (sail #235) and gave chase but I could just keep pace with them even though they had a big main and 140% genny and I only had my working jib. I would have loved to have chatted with them.