4 of 4Sailing Casco Bay 2005
The Bagheera cruising past Ft. Gorges
The Wendemeen with a full load
Fog rolling over the "Carnival Triumph"
Hey, watch where you're squirting that stuff!
Quack, quack almost get's wet too.

I really like seeing the tall ships and have decided to keep track of the ones I have seen. I have a great book, "Sail: Tall Ships", that has been really helpful and makes it fun. I will be creating a web page soon with the pictures of my sightings. One thing that happened that is funny now but wasn't then was almost getting hosed by the fire boat. I was just floating around in the harbor when the fireboat starts firing its hoses right in my direction. I tried calling them on the radio but got no response. Since there was no wind I had to drop the motor and get out of there. I guess the fireboat welcomes cruise ships by squirting red, white and blue water. I hope it is biodegradable dye!

A fireboat welcome for the tourist dollars
"Glad we paid all that money for a cabin with a window"
The mystery boat, the "Constellation"
Ready for a tow in gale force winds
Nothing like hauling out during a Nor'easter

This summer was like a weather bookends. Crappy May, great June, July, August, and September and then a crappy October. I should have pulled at the end of September as I only went out three times in October. Haul out was an adventure too. We had a wicked nor'easter with 60 knot gust. There were white caps in the marina and boats were being bashed all over the place. I was scheduled to haul out that day and just went down to check my lines. Everybody was scrambling on the docks trying to fix lines and fenders and the docks were bouncing up and down quite a bit. They had a schedule to keep so they hauled my boat out no problem. I did have them tow her to the travel-lift because I was not up for trying to get it there my self. The end of my first full summer of sailing was hard to take but I started right away planning my projects for the winter. The keel had some rust on it so I'll have to address that issue again (ahrgg!). It was a great summer and I learned quite a bit about sailing, had some little adventures, met some great people and had a ton of fun. I am looking forward to next year!

Mast down, too easy!
Ready to roll (nice trailer!)