Boat Restoration Projects

I wonder how people in Florida decide when it is time to haul the boat out for maintenance? We are so lucky in Maine to have something called winter. It makes that decision for us. However, it does shorten the sailing season just a bit (OK, a lot!).

Before I begin here are a few of Moby's laws about boat repair:

  1. It is always more fun to start a project than to finish it.
  2. The winter seems like a long time at the beginning of it but too short when looking at all the work left to do before launch.

Below is a list of the projects I worked on during the winter and spring. Click on the link for a pictorial description with the circles and arrows and a paragraph explaining what each one is...

Teak Restoration Stanchions and Lifelines
Portlights Chainplates
Keel and Bottom Paint Keel Bolts
Hatches Misc. Clean-up and Improvements
Trailer Dimensions Cleats
Winches Cushions
Sailgate or Mastgate New Electrical Panel

Another Mobyism:

  1. When the project is done you will marvel at the results every time you look at it. This feeling continues for a very long time, proportional to the amount of work done.

Only the person who did the work can really appreciate the results. I know what my stanchions and lifelines looked like before and now everytime I look at them I am pleased. It makes sailing a much more enjoyable experience when your boat looks as nice as it deserves to be. I may not be the fastest boat out there but I can be the prettiest girl at the dance.


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