These are just some little projects and some pictures that cover some of the smaller projects and improvements I made this spring. My main focus is always in the following order: safety, performance, cosmetic. The cosmetic projects are always the most fun and are the most visible improvements but come last on the list for obvious reasons. I kind of think of them as the reward for getting the "must do" list done.

Sleeping Beauty Awakes

The snow is (mostly) gone! Time to take the wraps off and get crackin' on that project list. These next couple of shots just show the boat with everything stripped off.

Spring has arrived! Tarpage removed to shows the stripped deck.

Here's the cockpit with the railings removed.

No railing on the cockpit

These pics are in no particular order as here's a shot after launch. I made a new tiller tamer with some Sunbrella material I got from the very nice people at Hallett Canvas and Sails. The old one was faded and thin. It was easy to make and it has an elastic cord to go over the top of the rudder.

New tiller cover

I added an elastic band to the inside of my winch covers to hold them on better. If you stretch the elastic when sewing then it will shrink back to make a gather. Remember to use a zig-zag stitch (having 4 sisters who sew I learned a lot from them).

Added elastic to the winch covers

Not sure exactly why I need winch covers but they came with the boat and they add a little color.


I replaced the steaming light plug. Last year I cleaned the contacts and tested it before stepping the mast. It worked for exactly one day.

New steaming light plug
Epoxy Fun

When I bought the boat this was one thing that was very visible. I don't think it is structural but it looks bad. It was also my first experience using the West System epoxy. My plan was to mix some up, squirt it in the gap, then clamp it. Well the stuff is very viscous and when I squirted it in, it all dripped back out! What a mess! Luckily I had some newspapers down because I know myself too well.

Separation between cabin liner and deck at companionway hatch

Plan B was to use the 3M epoxy filler I got for the keel (but never used, I used West System with 410 filler). This worked much better and provided a very solid repair.

Epoxy filler used to repair cabin liner deck separation

I used the gel coat repair stuff to just cover up the epoxy. A big improvement!

Skim coated with gel coat

Acetone did a great job on the rub rail. Just be careful with the stuff and use only what you need to remove the dirt. Too much and the rub rail gets gooey.

Acetone does a great job on the rubrail (cleaned on left side of picture)

I removed the motor mount plate (the big wooden thing) and finished it with a couple of coats of Cetol after sanding off all the gray wood. Berry pretty.

Refinished motor mount reinstalled
Mug Shots

I took a lot of pictures when working down below. This is like a birth certificate.

Documentation glassed into transom

Nice lines! I wanted this shot to line up against the line drawing for the T22 to see how well they compare. Below is the results. Click on the image for a larger view.

Profile shot

OK, the bow pulpit is bent a little. It was like that when I bought the boat and I didn't notice until I took this shot. Just think of it as character.

Bow shot

Does this swim ladder make my butt look too big?

Transom shot
Extra Orifice

This hole was covered with white tape when I bought the boat. I knew it was there but I am not sure why. I decided to put a compass there dispite the fact that I may have problems compensating it due to the keel. There were two compasses on either side of the companionway when I bought the boat, one was broken and the other was not very visible from the helm. I decided to put speakers in those two holes.

Tape was covering 4" hole under companionway

Pretty easy to install, just drill the holes for the screws and caulk around the edges and screw holes. It looks nice but I will wait to pass judgement until I can compensate it.

New compass

I had some gouges in the topsides that I filled with gel coat repair. I got the best results but filling the gouge, waiting for it to cure, then slicing off the excess with a razor. Some compound and wax and it was almost invisible except for the whiter color.

Fill with gel coat, dry, slice off excess with razor

Look ma, I can see my self.

Topsides waxed
Lock and Load Baby

This is always a beautiful site. The weather even cooperated and I was able to finish the keel and bottom paint at the marina (see the keel page).

Ready to roll to the marina
Mood Music

Here is where one of the old compasses was. The speaker screw holes don't line up so I put epoxy in the old holes which I then covered with gel coat. You can barely see them once the speakers were installed.

Screw holes filled with epoxy.

I can hear Jimmy Buffett singing "It's been a lovely cruise..."

New speakers installed
Homemade Thumbscrew

This was a great ideer (I'm a Mainah, we're cheap, I mean thrifty) I got from the Yahoo group (gotta love those sailors!). My gooseneck was missing the screw to hold it in place on the track. I found one with the right threads but it was hard to turn by hand. To make the job easier I epoxied a soda cap from a plastic bottle onto the head of the screw. I suspended the screw in the epoxy, using this setup, so the screw wouldn't push through the top of the cap.

Fancy setup to hold screw suspended in the epoxy

It's wicked decent!

Rock solid, very strong

Looks like it belongs there!

Looks good and works great!
We don't need no stinkin' gate valve

I am sure the water tank was removed by Art Haskins to reduce weight. Therefore, the sink has probably never been used. Also, since there will most likely be a no discharge law passed for Casco Bay very soon I thought the best thing to do was just cap it.

Oringinal gate valve

Always a good idea to check the threads before buying something to screw on.

Right had thread on gate valve fitting

I was concerned about mucking up the thru-hull by applying so much torque but no worries mon. Murphy was busy with someone else on this project.

Tight fit to get good leverage but it came off OK

A little teflon tape and we're done! It didn't even leak when launched!

Bronze cap installed