Tanzer Sightings


Name Hull Number Owner Location Date Seen Comments Picture
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Solitare     Hubbards Bay, NS 7/22/04 First sighting of a T22 in the wild
Casco Belle 185   Portland Yacht Services 7/13/04 First boat I looked at when looking to buy. Pretty sad shape but I liked the boat.
Witch's Dance 239 Stan Muller South Port Marine 8/24/04 At the other end of my dock. It has not been out all summer.
Anne D. 604 Jim Sauners South Port Marine 8/24/04 Not for sale and not sailed
Forever Young 2061 Gerald Greenberg Handy Boat 9/16/04 Looks to be in good shape.
Marley 575 Bill Shriner City of Portland Moorings 9/22/04 Saw him once before in passing but we only yelled our hull number. This time we chatted for a while. Great guy!
Thank You God 691 Mary Giggey Simonton Cove 9/27/04 Nice boat in good condition. The green stuff is due to bottom paint failure.
Mary B 2162 Jim Rand Centerboard Yacht Club 6/8/05 A very active boat that races Wed. evenings at the CYC. He has brand new sails this year!
Tapestry 280 Steggman Royal River 5/25/07 Used to be owned by "Steg" who raced it against Jim Rand and Art Haskins. Now owned by Steg's son.
 Andiamo  ??? Zandy Clark  ??? 8/26/05 Great boat! Zandy and Elizabeth crewed for me in 2006.
 Opps  2082 Bob Hamblin  Saco Not Yet Received email from Bob and hopefully we'll meet on the water this summer.
 ???  ??? Dave Fornier  ??? 2006 Dave is working hard on getting the boat in the water,
 ???  594  Dave Dufour  Willard Beach 9/25/06 We saw each other from a distance and chatted for a few minutes.
 Laminar Flow  487  Mason Wilcox  Casco Bay 7/8/09 Swing keel.
 From Away  1405  Mason Wilcox  Casco Bay 8/12/09 He owns 2 T22's and races one.


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