Sailing Casco Bay 2009

10/16 - Season's Over!

The boat was hauled on Friday and I dropped the mast and drove her home on Saturday. I can't remember it ever being this cold when lowering the mast. My fingers were numb handling the metal and the tools. Why don't I live some place warmer!

The old log book says 58 outings and 737 nautical miles (884 miles). Not bad for a rainy June and part of July. I think I'll need a tropical vacation this year!


Well, the results of the last race are in and we finished first by 11 seconds corrected time! This puts us in first place for the season! I guess 2007 wasn't a fluke! All thanks to a great crew, a clean bottom and fast sails (Thanks Bayview Sails)!


10/5 - Exciting Sail

I went out for a nice brisk October sail that started with light winds. I stuck around the entrance to the harbor because that was where the most wind was and it eventually filled in so I headed up to Portland Head light. It looked like some rain was on the way so I turned around and headed back in.

I was just approaching Spring Point light when the wind switched on. In about ten seconds it when from about 10 knots to over 20! With the full main and working jib I was way over powered and had trouble keeping the boat from rounding up. I tried running with the wind but it was hard to ease the jib and stay on the tiller at the same time.

At this point I was not panicing but came to the conclusion that the situation could get serious soon. I hove-to, something I practice often and am glad I know how to do this manuever well. Once hove-to, I could stow things away, clean up the cockpit and cabin and put on my lifejacket and rain gear. Usually I would reef the main but I decided to drop all sail. The main came down easily and I tied it up. Then I got the motor started and got out of the hove-to and headed into the wind and dropped the jib. I had to tie the jib down due to the high winds.

Of course by the time I motored back (in the rain) to the marina the sun came out and the wind lowered but I had had enough excitement for the day. Time for a beer.

9/23 - Ft. Gorges

I finally made it to Ft. Gorges! After sailing around it for years I made it one of my goals this summer to visit it. The day was perfect, no wind and sunny. I motored over towing my inflatable and picked a spot on the NE side of the island. I was in about 5 1/2 ft. of water and I knew the tide was coming in. I set the anchor and waited a bit to make sure it would hold. I rowed ashore and found a little beach area to land.

I had heard that the fort was not worth visiting because it was trashed and pretty messy inside but to my surprise it was clean and well kept. There as a nice place for a campfire, there were railings and ramps in places to help you get around. There was even a nice informational sign.

I zipped around the fort and took some pictures, worrying the whole time about the boat but it was fine, the anchor was set well. I was probably at the fort for about 30 min. and when I got back to the boat the tide had come up over three feet! I definitely want to come back next summer.

Mason at the helm.
9/15 - Fall Race

This was the third race of the fall season but the first in my boat. Mason was crewing for me and actually spent about half the time at the helm. It was a shortend course (I think due to darkness) and went from A-Zs-As-YBs-A. Going around the House Island adds an extra element to the race because once you decide which side to go around you are committed. We did OK I think but I can't really tell because there were no other Tanzers (come on Jim!).

The best part was on the downwind leg to the finish we held off one of the larger boats by staying between them and the finish line. I think they were a little peeved at us but hey, it's a race! They never obtained overlap and toward the end we actually were pulling away.

The races start at 1745 now and it get's chilly once the sun goes down. Sure wish the season was longer up here!

Don't embarrass us by sailing circles around us!
9/4 - Solo Sail

Sometimes it's just nice to get away from everything and go out for a solo sail. Today it was hot with not a breath of air so I motored around for an hour trying to find some. Usually there is a band of wind up by Bug Light but today there was nothing.

Just as I was heading in to call it quits I see Paul on S'Cape going out and the wind turns on like a switch. So I turn around and pick the wind up and have a great sail up the channel and out past Portland Head.

I ran into a party boat and cruised pass them. They mentioned being able to run circles around them so I did. Wicked funny.

Andrew and Mason
9/2 - First Fall Series Race

For the fall series I am going to crew for other boats just to get a feel for what it is like crewing and to learn more about other boats. I'm also hoping to get one race in on my boat so we can fly the chute.

This first race was on Mason's Tanzer 22. He was racing in the summer series towards the end of the season. Andrew, a fellow coastie, was also crewing. He has a lot of race experience and did a great job reading the wind and trimming.

We had a good start but the line was a little short so we started behind some of the racing boats. We were tacking up from A to M1 near Portland Head with a strong tidal current against us. We had great boat speed and at one point we were keeping up with Athais, a faster boat. Rounding the mark Andrew rigged the chute for a long downwind leg. I had to repack the chute before the rounding and I did it right because the chute launced OK.

The downwind leg was great except for a tanker that cut through the course, blasting 5 horns at some of the boats in the way. We took early action and headed up to go behind the tanker. Dropped the chute before the mark at X, back up with the genny and an nice close hauled run back to the line. All in all a good race and it will be interesting to see the corrected time resultes.

Next week we'll be on Jay's boat, a Catalina 34.

Kodak moment!
8/30 - Sail with the girls and friend

This was sort of an end of summer sail (WAAAAAA!). The two youngest actually started last Thursday. We had a fun sail up through Diamond pass and up the Hussey, enjoying the swells from tropical storm Danny. We saw the Maasdam cruise ship leaving port.

Beautiful sunset for the last race.
8/26 - Race 13 - Final Race!

It was a dark and stormy evening (the weather, not the drink) so we actually put a reef in once we got out there. I thought for sure we were going to get dumped on. I was pleased to have Jay and Jon on board for crew for the last race because the winds were strong. Jon drove all the way up from CT for this race, that's dedication!

We shook the reef out before the start but were right on the edge of needing to put it back in. We were in line for a great start but Cordellia came up from behind and to leeward of us and since we can't point as high we had to duck behind her. Still a good start. We had a nice run up to X, staying out of the middle of the channel due to the current and staying in a good wind line. Going up to D the winds started to let off and we had good speed on a close reach, staying right on the rhumbline as opposed to some of the boats that went way low due to the current. Almost had a near collision as one of the racing boats came barking up our ass and didn't give way to the boat being overtaken (us!). We ducked low and they missed us by inches. I protested but it is meaningless because they are not in our class and it does us no good. They should have done a 360. It was good that Jon and Jay got my head back in the game. I'm lucky to have a great crew.

The rest of the race was all about boat speed and I worked the crew hard. Jay did a great job trimming and both did really nice, crisp tacks. Going from X to A we went wing-in-wing with the whisker pole and the outhaul released. Made very good time! Going to YB we dipped down to pick up some wind. We rounded YB well and three tacks to the finish with Jim well behind. I won't know how well we placed (we got first!) until the results are posted so stand by!

8/19 - Race 12 "Ditto"

Ditto to last week's title: "I'd rather have a great finish than a great start". Winds were spotty and we scoped out the start line which showed no wind on the favored end and good wind on the unfavored end. So, getting ready to start we missed the wind shift and started on the unfavored end with no wind! At least our motor was up this week. Well, we just kept racing, trying to catch up to the leaders and slowly made grounds in the light winds. The crew, Becky and Mark, worked hard trimming and playing with the whisker pole. Also, moving positions on the boat for balance and heel was key. Heading up to D we watched Athais sail into a hole so we went way low and picked up some wind, slowly catching up to Jim. After we rounded the mark we were able to ghost past him, covering him at the same time. Very sweet!

The wind eventually picked up and we had a nice strong finish but I think we did not beat Cordellia on corrected time (we did, first place finish!). Either way, we move into first place for the season with one race to go! Should make things interesting next week.

Mason flying the chute. Nice!

The crew after a hard race.

8/16 - HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

It was a scorchah! I took three friends out for a sail on a very hot day and headed out past Portland Headlight to get some cooling ocean wind but there was little to be had. It was still a pleasant sail going up wind but downwind it was a bit stifling. I even took the opportunity to fly the chute while I had the crew. There was barely enough wind to fill it though.

Afterwards, I went out again for a nice sunset sail with Jon and we stayed out after dark and cruised the mega motoryachts in the harbor, trying to peek in the portlights to see if there was someone famous. Nice wind and a good sail!

"Iroquois" - a nice little boat.

8/12 - Race 11 - Better to have a great finish than a great start

That's the quote from Mark, one of my crew. I love it.

I thought we were going to have a great start, luffing a little to time the line, right next to the favored mark. We see Jim way off high of the line with about 1 min. left. So he comes barreling down ready to barge and we're trying to close the door but he's covering us as he comes down and in he slides. Brilliant start! We had to do a 360 because the current was pushing us toward the mark so we were the last to start. Once again, I told the crew (Jay and my buddy Mark) to race the race so off we go focusing on boat speed and current.

Nice beat up to YB but we notice both Jim and Tim had to tack right at the mark due to the current so we went way high to make sure that wouldn't happen to us. Going to YA we notice everyone is staying way high, close to House Is. which to me was worrysome because of the wind being blocked by the island. However, I have seen races before where everyone does the same thing, no wind, but the tidal current helps them and they come out right next to the mark. That is what happened to us but if we had stayed a little lower I think we would have done better.

So, sitting there with our sails slack, going 0.9 knots in last place, Jay makes an excellent suggestion, break out the beer. Crew morale instantly went up.

At this point we had just rounded YA and noticed everyone in cruising class going to the right of a tanker parked on the course. We also see Voodoo, one of the racing boats, heading for the South Portland side of the channel. His spinnaker was full and he was making good speed. So, we just had to dip a little bit to pick up the same wind line which then carried us all the way to the finish (shortend course). What a hoot when we saw Cordellia, Athais, and Mary B. come out from behind the tanker and we were ahead of them! Now I know how Jim feels when he pulls a trick like this.

Two more races left! It's going to be exciting!

Victory is Ours!

8/5 - Race 10 - Priorities

Winds were light but the bottom was scrubbed and we were ready. Jay (who brought some beer) and Becky (who brought some beer) were crewing. Good thing I brought some beer because it will be a slow race.

We motored out to the start because I was afraid of being too far from the line and not being able to get to it fast enough. Just before the sequence started we raise the sails but I left the motor down in case we needed it to get in position. Timed everything well and we were first across the line with good speed. Going to L we didn't do so well and we were rolled by three boats. Jim passed us rounding the mark. We then floundered looking for wind as Jim went way down to the East End we followed a few other boats over to Ft. Gorges. Finally, Jay noticed our motor was still down! DOH! We slowly inched our way over to Ft. Gorges where we eventually did pick up some wind. By that point Jim and everyone else were way ahead of us.

This calls for drastic measures so we broke open the beverages and started taking sunset pictures. After that our luck changed and we got into some good wind going up to F and screamed over to R and back to A. From R to A we were pulling away from some of the racing fleet that were flying spinakers. We also cut as close to Ft. Gorges as I dared. Of course I never did get the depth gage to work so we were flying by GPS only.

We ended up in third place and we're still in second place for the season. Afterwards, we had an intense debriefing and analysis of the race. Of course that called for more adult beverages and we even had to call in an expert to help us out, Sailor Jerry. Last I checked the time it was past 4am and the sky was getting light. Way too much fun!

Moonrise at Sunset Marina

Team building exercise.

Focusing on what is important!

8/1 - Sail with Amy and Alyssa

Finally got to take the girls out for a sail, just the two older ones though. Great day with good wind. Excellent father/daughter bonding time and I got to learn what they like for music (hint: let them bring the music. They don't want to listen to old fart stuff).

7/31 - Eagle and Peacemaker

I love watching tall ships come in to port. I knew the Eagle was going to be coming in but there was another barquentine, the Peacemaker. A very interesting boat with a huge deckhouse.


The Eagle

Jim trying to give us some trouble!
7/29 - Race 9 - Head-to-Head

Another Wednesday, another great race. On board today were Becky and Jay. Becky is new to racing and Jay is a very experienced cruiser. We started out in what I would call iffy weather, 20 knot winds, gusty, T-storms on the way but if Jim is going out, so are we. One of the things I tried out is using just the main before the race starts just to make it easier to manuever and to get better visibility. It worked out well execpt I decided to reef before the start. In the process of reefing, getting the course down, raising the genny we were a little behind in planning our start. Having to start in a mooring field didn't help either but Jay was on the helm and he did a great job. The course was X-Np-Dp-Ls-X which was pretty short given the winds. We did well going up wind and could make the mark without tacking. Reaching to D was fun and after getting around Ft. Gorges we caught up and slowly passed Jim. What fun pushing each other around and fighting for wind and position. Once we passed him Jim sat on our tail for a while which was great fun. He was trying to get overlap on us before the mark as two other racing class boats were bearing down on us. Luckily we beat everyone to the mark and had a good rounding.

Even though I had mentioned that we should not forget to move the genny block back after the downwind leg I forgot to give the command and after rounding it was stuck forward again. Luckily it did not cost us too much time and we got it back. Jay made an excellent suggestion for him to get up on the deck and help with the heeling. This gave us a little extra speed and helped pointing, enough so that we increased our lead over Jim on the upwind leg. That is something we rarely can do especially when Jim flies his jib which he had today.

Rounding L and going to X we kept focusing on boat speed and had a nice finish. We got in just as the rain was starting. It was also good to see Mason on his Tanzer giving it a go. He had a good start and was in our sights for a while. I hope to see him out there and giving us a run for the money!

Halfway Rock, Webster Is. Lighthouse
7/25 - Trip ot Orrs Is.

What a great way to arrive at a party, by boat! I was invited to a great Parrothead party on Orrs Is. and my friend has some moorings just off his place so I sailed up and stayed overnight. The sail up was fantastic with some great wind and clear skies. I averaged over 5 knots for the 20nm trip. I zipped up to Halfway Rock lighthouse too.

After a great party that couldn't be beat we woke up to pea soup fog! Luckily, one of the guys at the party had taken his boat up and was going to leave it there for a while so he needed a lift back. Given the fog, 5ft waves and rain I was more than happy to have a crew. He was a very interesting guy with some great stories which helped pass the 5hrs looking into nothing but fog. We motored up to Bailey's Is. into some big seas which almost made me want to turn back. That was the last sight of land till we got to Spring Pt. Light in Portland. Once we rounded Bailey's and go into open water we were able to head off the wind and set sails. Much better! And it was easier to steer a course relative to the wind. By GPS and compass we were able to nail the buoys that mark the passages between the Green islands and into Whitehead passage, never seeing land. The wind died so we motored the rest of the way back but the seas were much calmer.

Very good experience dealing with fog. I just remember the old Bert and I skit, "Give'r a blast of the horn Bert..."

7/22 - Race 8 - Back to Basics

This was one of the most interesting races so far this season! Great weather, sunny for once. Dave was on board as well as his colleague Bob, a former J24 racer. Winds were perfect, about 10-12kn out of the SW.

We got the course over the radio, plotted it on the chart and entered it into the GPS. We heard a sound, hit the 5 minute countdown timer and planned our start. With 30 seconds to go we headed for the line, gun shot, we're off! Great start! First over but what's this? Nobody else is starting!!! We keep looking back and finally call on the radio, 30 seconds to the start! The first sound wasn't the 5 minute warning, it was just a sound to let people know the course was posted.

We headed back to the line, around the end, and crossed about a minute and a half late. Oh well, we'll still race and have fun.

So, the windward mark was M2 and we're watching the whole fleet ahead of us. Looks like they are going high of the mark, way high! They're all following the lead boat to M1 instead of M2!!!!! To make sure, we called the committee boat and they verified the first mark was M2. The GPS never lies! We tacked and were the first to round M2. We could see the fleet turning around because they heard us on the radio.

We're back baby! We headed to YB on the House Is. side which turned out to be the slower approach but we still had good boat speed. We ran the rest of the race well. Glad we didn't give up! The crew did a great job trimming and balancing the boat. Beverages on the downwind leg improved moral!

So, back to basics. Listen for the sounds but also look for the flags. The flags are the real indicator of where we are in the start sequence. I learn something new every race which is why I race. I also try to find a way to prevent making the same mistake twice.

Bob and Dave enjoying post race discussions

7/15 - Race 7 - Up and Down

We had a nice breeze for this race and the course was a simple up wind, down wind, round the loop twice. On board today was Christian and Dave. Since Dave was new to racing we did a few practice tacks before the start.

Starting at X can be tricky because we are on the edge of a mooring field so there are extra obstacles to manuever around. I was late to the start by about 20 seconds again. I have to work on that! Jim had a great start.

Tacking up to M4 was fun as we crossed tacks with Jim several times and actually pulled ahead of him, making up for the late start. After rounding M4 I decided to tack down wind but saw Jim going wing-in-wing so we did the same. Our speed was good but because we went high to tack we had a longer course back to X. We were still ahead of Jim when we rounded X and and started back up.

I forgot to tell the crew to move the genny blocks back before rounding the mark and one of them got stuck way forward so we couldn't point. It took a while to fix it and that cost us way too much time. I should have tacked right away and kept the boat going while we worked on it. Lesson learned!

Back up to M4 in good fashion but coming back to X the wind just died! We had been making good time catching up to Jim but now we were just drifting to the line and the race was over. Five more minutes and we could have finished before we lost the wind.

Fourth place finish. We're now in third place but it is still very close.

7/8 - Race 6 - No Rain!!!

We finally had a race without (much) rain! It was dark and chilly but that's OK.

On board this week were Jay and Jon. It was kind of drizzily before the start and our countdown timer died (baggy next time it rains!). Jay was able to use his watch to keep track of the sequence and we were only about 20 seconds off the start. The wind was also very strong so we reefed before the start. We did well tacking (thanks crew!) up to YB with the current in our favor. Heading to M2 we shook out our reef as the winds had moderated a bit and we needed the extra sail area going down wind.

For some reason all the boats ahead of us were going high of the mark. We did the same thinking the wind was better but I think it was just the tidal current pushing them high. Same was true for the leg to A. Going to X S'Cape was hot on our tail but we beat them to the mark and managed to pull away on our way to H. Going back up wind they passed us but not a big deal because they are racing class.

The fun begins as we approach the line S'Cape, after finishing, comes back across the line and starts to cut us off. I yell that we are still racing and for them to give us room. He laughs and tells us we are crossing the line the wrong way. So I take a quick look around, I see the buoy but not the committee boat (it's behind S'Cape) so I turn the boat without telling the crew to tack. We stall, S'Cape moves out of the way and I finally see the committee boat who tells us we are going the right way. Jim is coming up fast too! So we gibe, fall off, get boat speed and cross the line. In the whole process I yell protest and raise my flag but since S'Cape has already finished and is not even in our class it is a moot point. Oh well, lesson learned!! Never trust what other boats say. I should have held my course.

I think we ran a great race otherwise. Jay did a great job trimming and I think we had good boat speed throughout the race. Reefing was the right choice for a faster upwind leg and we shook it out at the right time.

I almost forgot to mention that we have a third T22 racing! Now if we can get a few more and our own start...

"Serque" - a nice little boat!
Check this out: Serque Luxury Motor Yacht

Riding the bow is fun!

Girls on Cow Is.

"Laminar Flow" nicely making way
7/5/09 - Cruising with the girls

A picture perfect day for a cruise with the girls and one of their friends. We went under main only and had a pleasent sail up to Cow Island. After picking up a mooring and going ashore we had fun exploring the island. I even saw another Tanzer 22 out there! "Laminar Flow" owned by Mason who is planning on racing at Centerboard Yacht Club. He blew by us so I think he'll do well!

I took some pictures of my daughter Amy who will be a senior next year in High School. Hopefully one will be good enough for a senior picture. The island is a perfect place to go for pictures!

Tacking up the Fore River
7/3/09 - Go Where its Sunny!

Wow! Sun after 28 days of rain. Now I know how Noah felt. Of course when I get to the boat it is wicked foggy in the harbor. So, being high tide, I head up the Fore River for a very nice sunny sail. Even saw a few boats. It was fun coming back upwind. I must have tacked over 20 times but the wind was good. I even managed to sail back under the Casco Bay Bridge with a couple of short tacks. Felt great to be back in the sunshine again!

6/24/09 - Race 5 - Drifter

What a week! Rain, rain, and more rain. Thank goodness racing gets us out at lesst once a week. Today it was misty and foggy. The winds were very light and I was expecting the race to be cancelled but they went on.

Before the start we kept looking for Jim's boat, the Mary B., but he was nowhere to be found. Very unlike Jim to miss a race when the competition is tight. Somehow I was expecting him to pop out at the last minute before the start.

Starts are really hard with light winds when you're trying to predict where to be so you can get to the line in time. We had an OK start considering the conditions and heading up to M5 was all about finding wind and staying out of the currents. Coming around Spring Point light we got into some heavy current and I tried to tack out of it but headed right into a wind hole so I tacked back out. Despite that move and overstating the mark we were still in good shape. A clean bottom and moving weight to leeward helped us stay in good position.

Going to YB we did well passing S'Cape and after rounding we started to catch up to Cordelia. When we got there they told us the race was cancelled because no one finished before the 2030 deadline. Then, who pops up out of Corelia's cabin but Jim! I guess he knew that the race would be within minutes of being cancelled??!! We decided to continue to the finish line anyway. Too bad it wasn't scored because I think we would have done well.

6/17/09 - Race 4 - What a Difference a Week Makes!

Good thing the race has not started yet! Photo Credit: Jay H.

That's the quote from Jon. This week was 15k winds, gusting to 20. Challenging conditions for a 22ft sailboat. Getting the 155% genny in with these winds is tough. We were definitely over canvased and at one point I mentioned heading in because it would not be fun if we couldn't keep from rounding up. Then Jon saw Jim reef so we did the same and if Jim was staying out then we would too.

We had a pretty good start, staying on the unfavored side but in clean air. Tacking was tough and Jon and Christian were getting pretty wet but there were no complaints. Jon risked life and limb to tighten the leech line on the genny a couple of times (need to figure a better way to cleat that!). We did well going to windward and even beat the tanker coming into port. Some of the fleet had to wait for the tanker to pass before they could round the mark. We lost track of Jim at that point. Rounding M5, going to M4 and then downwind to YB was a rocket ride then back to close hauled going to N. That was where the fun began because the tanker was being pushed into its berth by two big tug and the wash was pushing boats right up against the buoy. Cordelia had to turn back and attempt the rounding again. We headed right for the stern of the tug and even though we were pushed we had plenty of room at the mark.

After getting out of the shadow of the tankers we had Athais right on our stern and we managed to hold them off until after we rounded X. They rolled us pretty bad as we headed for the finish but it wasn't enough to keep us from taking first! We are now in a three way tie for the series. Can't wait till next week!

Maybe someday I'll be in racing class!
6/13/09 - Right Out Straight

Today was THE day to be on the water. Nice sun, nice breeze, no responsibilities (my daughter has her license!). I went straight out from Portland Head on a nice SW breeze, lashed the tiller and cruised up to West Cod Ledge. Great ride and when I got there I kept seeing things poke out of the water. Finally I saw a pilot whale surface. Wicked cool! First time I see a whale on my sailboat.

Turned around for another great ride back and hit upon the Centerboard Yacht Club Regatta. I hove-to and watched the racing fleet round the windward mark at Portland Head and pop their chutes. It was challenging sailing down the channel, taking pictures and avoiding the traffic. I crashed the party at Centerboard afterwards and had a great time. Maybe next year I'll race.

Christian at the helm. Go with the flow (tidal that is). Photo Credit Jon R.
6/10/09 - Race 3 - Slow is sometimes good

Well, it wasn't raining. That's the good news. Not much wind. That was OK but then we found out the bad news, the course (X Ds Hs Ds X) was wicked long given the light winds.

Again, the start thru us off. We were all set to go with 1 min. left and there was no 1 min. sound. With 30 seconds left a flag was raised and we checked our cheat sheet - postponement. OK, flag down and a sound but I thought it was started at 1 min., not the whole sequence. Anywho, by the time we figured it out and were ready to start for real we were in the wrong place so I decide to do a port start. Not good! Of course we had to duck the fleet then we couldn't make the committee boat so we had to tack losing a lot of time.

The biggest factor was the tide. Everyone went high or low (big hint!) but we stayed in the middle thinking the wind was better. Also, according to the tide tables we were close to slack current at high tide so it should not be a factor. Well, it was because we lost distance to the whole fleet. Later, at dinner, Jim told me about the "slosh factor" and the tidal currents in that area lag about an hour behind the tide tables. Lesson learned!

Now, the MOST important job as a skipper is to make sure crew morale is kept high so in a situation like this it calls for adult beverages to be broken out. We finished at 2051, getting 4th place, but we learned a valuable lesson - don't leave the fleet! (I actually know that one but sometimes the lesson needs reinforcement).

Best seats in the harbor!
5/30/09 - Marina Fun

Sometimes the best part of sailing is just hanging around the marina and socializing. Sunset Marina has some really nice residents and I am fortunate that they are very friendly and inviting. So after a nice little sail and being able to sleep on the boat I can have a few cocktails and some fun with my dock mates. I wish summer could last forever!

Got the stickah for the boat today. Doug from the Power Squadron inspected my boat and gave me a vessel safety check sticker. Safe boating is very important and I believe in the Power Squadron's mission.

We're on a mission!

5/27/09 - Race 1 - Wet and Cold!

First race of the season (Centerboard Yacht Club Wed. night series) was pretty miserable weather-wise but exciting! Jon was onboard for his first time crewing on Surefire and he did a great job. The start was wicked funny because Jon hit the 5min timer right on and we were in great shape heading for the start with 30 sec. left. Then Jim turn around, everyone turned around, WTF? Did we miss a sound? We didn't want to be over early so we turned around and looked for 1 more min. Everone started so off we go, no sound. Jim, thinking he was over early, did an end around the mark. Well, next thing we know Jim is right with us at the windward mark! (Course was A YAs Xp M4p A). We were able to stay ahead of him and on the last leg he was right behind us and, following the little voice in my head from my former sailing instructor, we stayed between him and the finish. First place with 7 seconds between us and Jim. Wicked exciting despite the fact we were wet and freezing!

Before the race I told Jon our goal for the summer was to get at least one first place finish against Jim. Now what do we do?

Nice view! The lighthouse is nice too.
5/21/09 - First Sunset Cruise

Well, the weather is warming up and time for a sunset cruise with my favorite Parrothead and her friend (who did great on the helm!). I am so looking forward to more of these this summer.

Surefire about to get her keel wet again after a year off.
5/18/09 - Surefire Back in Her Element!

You can now call me Commodore Moby! While my Catalina 30 is on the hard in the back yard being restored I will be sailing my Tanzer 22. I have made a few improvements to her since the last time she was in the water (new outhaul, new motor mount) so she is back in top shape. I will also be racing again because that is what Surefire is meant to do. It is nice being back on her and having the great feel of a tiller again!